Formula 1's Key Players

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Formula 1's Key Players

Your support means everything to us ❤️

Grazie mille for braving the cold during the last three days!

When we say you’re the best fans. This is why 🥰

Three days on track complete ✅

123 laps for @Charles_Leclerc rounds off our warm up for the 2023 season.

Read all about his day 👇

👀New chapter! @esl_r1 @ESL

Twitter feed video.👀New chapter! @esl_r1 @ESL
R8G eSports@r8gesports

💥🏁 ESL R1 🏁💥
We are 🅘🅝 !
We will be 🅐🅣 IEM Expo Katowic !
Look our BEAUTY💙💛🧡❤️
@esl_r1 @ESL @audisport @PredatorGaming @realVRS @RGrosjean #ESLR1 #rennsport #esl #ForRacersFromRacers

A significant milestone for any team’s F1 season, the six cylinders of our new car’s beating heart roar into life for the first time. 🔊

The countdown is on with team launch around the corner! Hear how fire up came together. 👇

New for 2023! 🤩 Our #HowItWorks series takes a deep-dive look at some of the crucial tech in @F1 🔧

First up, @antdavidson talks us through the pedals in an F1 Car. 👇

Ladies and gentlemen, @ArrowMcLaren give you the new No. 6. 😍👇

Twitter feed video.Ladies and gentlemen, @ArrowMcLaren give you the new No. 6. 😍👇
Arrow McLaren IndyCar Team@ArrowMcLaren

Introducing… The new No. 6. 💙

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