'We should be pushing flat out the whole race' - Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton believes the racing can still be improved in F1 because drivers should be pushing flat out for an entire grand prix.

The 2016 season has started with two exciting races, though the fight for victory in the Bahrain Grand Prix was over early as Nico Rosberg opened up a commanding lead following poor starts for Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen, while Sebastian Vettel retired on the formation lap.

With Rosberg able to cruise home, Hamilton says the front two would not have been pushing hard once a gap had opened up and he wants drivers to be pushing at 100% throughout the race.

"Things could be better," Hamilton said. "We should be pushing flat out the whole race. If the car is damaged that is different but we should be pushing the whole race.

"I guarantee Nico wasn’t pushing from lap 10 and Kimi 15 laps to the end Kimi wasn’t pushing either. We should all be a lot closer, there shouldn’t be an 80-second gap between 1st and 7th. We should be within 10 or 15 seconds. You can’t afford to slip up."

With a new aggregate qualifying system set to be discussed on Thursday, Hamilton says he will reserve judgement on any new format as long as it has been properly thought through.

"Ultimately it is about who does the fastest lap at the time. We can try it, don’t knock until it is tried but instead of throwing out ideas, it is perhaps something that is discussed and analysed by people that know what impact it will have.

"Ask the fans, they seem to have a good feel of what they would like to see."

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