Claire Williams labels F1 as 'still amazing'

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In spite of all the criticism of Formula 1, much of which has come from insiders, Claire Williams believes the pinnacle of motor racing remains to this day an incredible sport.

Williams deputy team principal acknowledged that F1 was in need of a revamp on many fronts, but its interests would also be better served if a more positive approach was applied instead of a negative comments.

"Rather than becoming so embroiled in the negative commentary, can we just go racing and do what we love, and talk this port up?" suggested Claire Williams.

"When you strip away all the negativity, this is still - and you may find me a little naive, or whatever - an amazing sport.

"These cars are phenomenal. What our team has managed to achieve over a very short winter period to bring this car to the race track is a phenomenal thing.

"So let's focus on the positives rather than bringing more reputational damage to our sport by talking about it negatively. Let's get excited about going to Melbourne and seeing who is going to do well."

On the back of satisfying pre-season testing, Williams is hopeful of taking the fight to Ferrari and Mercedes.

"I hope that we've done enough to get in the mix, because people want to see more teams at the top.

"I think it's going to be tough, everybody knows the might of Mercedes and Ferrari, and that what they are able to put into their programs is somewhat greater than what we are able to.

" I believe that we've done a good enough job, but I don't think that we will know exactly where we are until we get to Melbourne. But I really hope we are in that mix, it would be great !"

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