Mateschitz rules out working with Renault in 2016

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Red Bull owner Dietrich Matechitz has said that there is no chance Renault will remain an engine partner next season.

As a vice closes on the energy drinks' short-term future in Formula 1, opportunities to secure an engine deal appears scarce for the Milton Keynes outfit, let alone the possibility of securing a competitive power unit given Ferrari and Mercedes' reluctance to supply Red Bull.

In light of the urgency associated with its current state of affairs, Mateschitz has set a November 21-22 deadline to decide whether to remain in the sport or not.

It was believed that given its current quagmire, Red Bull would eventually backtrack and make amends with engine partner Renault but Mateschitz himself has ruled out the possibility and confirmed that the contract between the two partners has now been cancelled.

"We have cancelled the contract," Matechitz told Speedweek, Red Bull's in-house publication.

"The reasons have been clear for half a year. Renault are not willing and able to develop a reliable and competitive power unit. Even after two years of development it lacks around 80hp to the Mercedes and its reliability is of pitiful proportions."

"The disappointment with the performance and the posturing of the French are huge. Instead of improving after the 2014 season, Renault has further fallen behind Mercedes."

Honda was also envisaged as a potential partner but the possibility was quickly squashed by Ron Dennis' desire to preserve McLaren's exclusive status, while Mateschitz himself believed that working with the Japanese manufacturer would only be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

"There is no chance of a deal with Honda" he said. "Red Bull would probably come off worse if they switched from Renault."

Both the FIA and F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, who do not want Red Bull to withdraw from F1, have been actively involved in talks to try and find a viable solution for the team. But Mateschitz himself appears more doubtful than even.

"The factory racing teams fear us and know that we are faster than their factory team," the Austrian concluded. "We cannot get access to a competitive engine anyhow. But it would be the first time we wouldn't have alternative ideas."

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