Grosjean ready to be world champion in a 'good car'

Romain Grosjean
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Romain Grosjean believes that the level of driving and experience he has achieved would enable him to become world champion in a good car.

The Haas driver is in his sixth full year of Grand Prix racing, and enjoyed his most competitive season in 2013 when he collected six podium finishes.

Unfortunately, his name has been more often linked to his frequent radio rants and messages rather than to his outright performance.

Grosjean acknowledged that when it comes to his emotions he still had some work to do.

"There are always things you can improve," Grosjean told

"Finding your way, when you are frustrated, to deal with things differently and dealing better with the brakes not working and stuff like that - I need to work more on that.

"Generally my level of driving, fitness, feedback is pretty much ready to be world champion in a good car."

Grosjean's three-year contract with Haas which ends at the end of 2018 theoretically precludes a move to a stronger team and to that 'good car' he yearns for.

Ferrari still appears to be in the 31-year-old's line of sight however.

"I'm still thinking that one day the stars will align and I will get my chance," Grosjean said.

"Since 2015, I knew I had a three-year contract with Haas, so there's an announcement [each year] but for me it's not an announcement.

"There are always possibilities and I guess on December 1 Valtteri [Bottas] was not expecting to be fighting for the world championship instead of for seventh or eighth or whatever. Then he gets a phone call and he's in a world champion car.

"Things can happen at any time and I'm hoping that my day comes one day."

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