Red Bull aero can close gap to leaders

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Red Bull's head of aerodynamics Dan Fallows says his department can help close the gap to Mercedes and reduce the pressure on Renault.

Renault's power unit has been largely blamed for Red Bull's tough start to the year, with the engine manufacturer even hitting back after the Australian Grand Prix claiming demands from the team were to blame for some issues. While last year's RB10 was believed to be a strong car aerodynamically it was limited by the power unit deficit to Mercedes and 2015 has followed a similar pattern so far.

Fallows says the focus on aerodynamics has actually been increased because it is an area Red Bull has full influence over, unlike the power unit.

"We went into 2015 knowing we had a long way to catch-up," Fallows said. "Everybody knows where our major deficit is but frankly, why we're being outperformed is irrelevant. We have it in our power, in the aerodynamics department, to do something about it.

"F1 has plenty of performance differentiators: there's the driver, the power unit, the aerodynamics, the use of tyres and so on, but there's really only one aspect over which the aero team can have a fundamental impact – so we go into the year knowing what the deficit is and working on the basis that it's our job in this department to close that gap. We can do it because we have the tools to do it, we've done it before and the aim is to do it again."

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