Horner effort to ban shark fins unsuccessful

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Red Bull's Christian Horner led the charge to ban the now ubiquitous 'shark fin' which teams have incorporated into their 2017 aero packages.

The Red Bull Racing boss expressed  his negative opinion on the concept in no uncertain terms in Barcelona during day 1 of pre-season testing.

"I think the cars look fantastic," he said, "the only thing that lets them down is the shark fins.

"It's something that we raised at the Formula One Strategy Group meeting last year, to ask that all teams remove them, because it is pretty marginal the performance gain that they offer.

"In the interests of aesthetics, it was requested that they be removed. That went to the Formula One commission and unfortunately was immediately rejected by the majority of teams."

Red Bull painted its own dorsal fin on its new RB13 black in an attempt to minimize its presence visually.

"I think it's wrong to ignore the aesthetics on a car," added Horner.

"Unfortunately this is a consequence of the rules but one that should have been able to be addressed quite quickly."

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