Wolff: 'A dominant feeling of excitement!'

Lewis Hamilton, Toto Wolff, Valtteri Bottas - Mercedes
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Mercedes AMG F1 boss Toto Wolff looked about as stirred up as his drivers when the cover was pulled off the team's new W08, or rather F1 W08 EQ Power+  which is the car's new denomination.

With the introduction of new regulations in 2017 comes a new era for Formula 1. While Mercedes' expectations are obviously high, Wolff insists there is a prevailing sense of excitement which has been running through all departments.

"The dominant feeling in the team right now is one of excitement - the factory is buzzing with anticipation," Wolff says.

"It has been a really motivating challenge to develop a brand new car concept and I have never seen our determination to succeed higher than it is right now."

But the fact that everyone's design was started on a blank sheet last year means that surprises - good or bad - are always possible, Wolff admits.

"Of course, in terms of relative performance, it's clear that any rule change brings with it a big reset but also a big opportunity.

"This is the time to stay humble and keep our feet on the ground. None of the teams has raced under these rules and we all have the same points right now: zero."

Wolff agrees with the general opinion about in-season development: it will be fast-paced, never ending  and incredibly important.

"This year, in-season development will play a big role in determining the championship outcome.

"None of us know where we will stand at the first race but I am confident that, whatever that position is, we have the people and the capability to deal with every challenge that comes our way.

"This will be the season where our full works team can show its true strength."

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