Mosley: 'New rules may take F1 in the wrong direction'

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Former F1 president Max Mosley offered his view on the massive regulation overhaul  implemented this year, and is unsure it will be steer F1 in the right direction.

Many have expressed either confidence or concern over the big changes which include wider tyres and increased downforce.

But until the first few races of the season are run, judging Formula 1's new rules is just a guessing game for pundits and talking heads.

Critics of the new regulations - among which are a few drivers - point to increased cornering speeds, thanks to downforce and mechanical grip which, combined with shorter braking distances, could make overtaking very difficult. A view Mosley agrees with.

"My personal view is that it may have gone in the wrong direction," he said. "I would have gone for less aero and perhaps more mechanical grip."

Mosley underlined the fact that the 2017 changes run counter-trend to what the FIA has been doing for the past five decades.

"Deliberately setting out to make the cars quicker is questionable because all the rules for the last 40 or 50 years brought in by the FIA have been to make the cars slower – either slower or safer, because speed equals danger obviously."

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