Pirelli's Hembery warns: 'Races could be boring!'


Pirelli's Paul Hembery has already come out with a disclaimer for 2017, saying that this year's new regulations may not produce the close racing which is expected.

Speaking to Motorsport.com, Hembery expressed caution about the effects of the  increased downforce which has been designed  into the cars this year, insisting that it may actually have a negative bearing on overtaking.

"The true impact of overtaking will be down to the [relative] performance of the cars. If the performance of the cars is close together, then there might be chances – if they aren't then it will be a procession."

Hembery added that the FIA's requirement that Pirelli develop longer lasting tyres for this season may also not benefit closer competition, with potentially less performance variation between the cars and fewer pit stops.

"It asked us to do that [high degradation tyres] back in 2011, and now we are being asked to do something else.

"We will leave it to the people to ask what is the best approach. We are just trying to deliver what we have been asked to deliver.

"On any of these subjects, there are always some pros and some against. I think we will know after five or six races what we have done and if it is right or wrong."

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