More driver input in sportscars compared to F1 - Hulkenberg

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Nico Hulkenberg relished his opportunity to race at Le Mans this year, where he renewed once again with the taste of victory and where he sampled the joys of simply driving in a more straightforward manner.

Hulkenberg's Le Mans win with Porsche, achieved on his first try, healed somewhat the pains of a difficult season with Force India but also offered a different perspective on driving, especially on the tyre management front.

"To some extent, there's more driver input in sportscars," the German told

"There you can just push all the time, but in F1 sometimes with the high degradation managing tyres is a bit against the nature of an F1 driver, and against what I would like to do.

"That's what the challenge is in F1 at the moment, you also have to overcome these challenges and take them up."

Hulkenberg acknowledged the relative simplicity of driving in sportscars but he also stated that his heart remained firmly entrenched in Grand Prix racing.

"Sportscars are certainly less managing, you can just do it hard – that's where the lap time is, push and you don't have to worry about tyres, or if I slide a little bit that I don't have to worry about braking into the next corner.

"Although recently we've had quite a few races in F1 where we could push quite a bit. F1 is still F1, it's enjoyable too, don't get me wrong. I just have to work on challenging and mastering the situations, and learning and becoming a better racing driver. Adapting to the situation as well as I can."

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