Philippe Bianchi to create foundation in memory of Jules

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Philippe Bianchi is currently working to create a Jules Bianchi Foundation in memory of his late son, with the aim of helping uncover and nurture young talents.

Jules Bianchi died on July 17 from the severe head injuries he had sustained during the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix. Speaking to French publication Auto Hebdo in a wide-ranging interview with renowned journalist Patrick Camus, Bianchi Snr reveals the first details about the project.

“I am currently creating a Jules Bianchi Foundation in Monaco with support from Prince Albert, who was also deeply affected by the tragedy. We will show Jules’ go-karts and single-seaters, as well as personal pictures and videos. We’ll also have merchandising with JB17 branding, sponsoring opportunities and events.

“All this will contribute to a fund destined for talented youngsters, spotted either through detection of referral, before accompanying them throughout their careers. We want to offer them what we did for Jules.

“If we want to see another generation of Sennas, Prosts, Schumachers, and others, this is the only genuinely sound solution. Too many youngsters miss out on opportunities due to a lack of funding. This is why for instance I asked Nicolas Todt to sign up [top 2015 Euro F3 rookie] Charles Leclerc, who is now part of the Ferrari Driver Academy.”

“[The foundation] will mostly be focussed on motor racing but other sports could come into consideration on a case by case basis. Meanwhile, we are also working on launching a JB17 karting chassis. Jules would have loved to do that, had he had the time.”

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