Copenhagen deputy mayor shoots down Danish GP prospects


Copenhagen's chances of joining the Formula 1 calendar in the future have been dealt a blow by negative comments from one of the city's deputy mayors.

Earlier this year, F1 CEO Chase Carey visited Denmark's capital and held meetings with potential promoters for a Copenhagen Grand Prix, after which he expressed a fair amount of optimism about the country's chances of landing a deal with F1.

However, Ninna Hedeager Olsen, the deputy mayor for Copenhagen's technical and environment department, told Politiken newspaper that an F1 race in the city is "completely unrealistic".

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"The organisation of an event like Formula 1 is so extensive and requires so many resources that it is completely unrealistic for Copenhagen by 2020," she said.

Hedeager Olsen also underlined the inevitable disruptions the city would suffer if F1 set up shop in the center of Copenhagen.

"My administration estimates that Formula 1 could affect central parts of the city for up to nine weeks," she said.

"This is of course completely unacceptable."

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