Grid girls, the Halo... Hulkenberg doesn't hold back!

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Renault's Nico Hulkenberg is definitely at odds with a few of Formula 1's latest decisions, expressing his opinion in no uncertain terms.

Last year, the German driver was firmly in the camp of those who were against the introduction of the Halo, and he hasn't changed his mind on the mandatory cockpit safety device.

"It's a big hit," Hulkenberg told No Sports magazine.

"Not only because it looks stupid, but the likelihood is minimal that an accident will happen in which Halo is actually helpful.

"Motor sport thrives on speed, and all the drivers are aware of that."
As for the sport's latest decision to take its glamour girls off the grid, Hulkenberg labels the controversial move a "further step backwards for the show".

"Some hot girls in front of the cars is only good for that whole side of it," said the 30-year-old.

The Renault charger has taken part in 135 Grands Prix since his F1 debut in 2010, but has yet to win a race.

A statistic which unfortunately puts him in the record books as the longest-serving driver never to stand on the podium.

"It's an achievement, 135 races without performing and still in Formula 1!" he joked.

"I've always been a believer that when you work hard and stick at it, good things will happen. So I'm not under pressure and sure that my best years are still ahead of me."

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