No favourites for Carey who just wants a title showdown

Chase Carey
© XPB 

F1 CEO Chase Carey says he has no favourite for the world title, but does hope the battle between Mercedes and Ferrari goes down to the wire.

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel rank very differently among the fans in terms of popularity, because of their contrasting personalities and public persona.

The Mercedes drive is seen not only as an F1 prodigy but also as glitzy jet-setter and fashionista, with widely followed social media accounts, while Vettel enjoys a very discrete life away from the race track.

"There is no mould from which a hero is cast," Chase Carey told Auto Bild.

"We need different personalities and Vettel is one of the great protagonists of our sport, even if he is different from Lewis."

Pressed on who he was really cheering for, Carey wouldn't give anything away.

"You mean the German driver with the Italian car or the Briton in the German car?" he answered mischievously.

"I'm always asked and I always say I just want a good race."

Indeed, the man who filled the shoes of Bernie Ecclestone at the helm of Grand Prix racing is just happy the races have been more exciting in the first half of 2017.

"My wish is that the championship remains open until Abu Dhabi."

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