Is Ferrari jinxed? Raikkonen thinks so...

Kimi Raikkonen-Silverstone
© XPB 

Kimi Raikkonen believes Ferrari is dogged by bad luck after both he and Sebastian Vettel were hit with tyre failures in the last laps of today's British GP.

The Finn put in a solid effort all afternoon and looked all set to step up onto the runner-up spot on the podium before a tyre failure forced him into a late pit stop which demoted the #7 Ferrari to third. 

Vettel suffered a similar fate but lost out in a bigger way, ending the race down in seventh. 

"Unfortunately it seems to be that unlucky situations keep following us," said the 2007 world champion.

"For whatever reason the front-left tyre didn’t really ‘explode’ but the canvas came off the tyre.

Luckily I could get back quite fast and the car stayed in one piece.

"Unfortunately Sebastian had more or less the same problem a lap later. Not happy but better than nothing."

Despite the late setback, the Finn considered the team had done its best at a venue where it did not expect to beat Mercedes outright. 

"I think we got more or less the most out of the car in the race," says Raikkonen.

"They [Mercedes] were just a bit faster today. I was struggling a little bit at some points to go faster. The next race should suit us a lot better but it wasn't an easy weekend."

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