Free F1 content is upsetting broadcasters - Ecclestone


According to Bernie Ecclestone, TV broadcasters aren't all that pleased with Liberty Media's relaxing of social media rules this year.

In a bid to embrace the digital age and line itself up with other major sports, Formula 1 is allowing a fair amount of content to be distributed on social media.

The move has occurred much to the pleasure of the fans but has gone in the opposite direction of Ecclestone's restrictive approach.

The former F1 supremo is critical of the new regime's focus on social media, and says all that free content is upsetting the TV broadcasters.

"A lot of the TV stations are unsettled and annoyed," Ecclestone told Blick newspaper.

"We have contracts with these stations which are very exclusive. But right now it looks like you can get Formula 1 without paying anything."

Upon Ecclestone's ousting at the beginning of the year, the man who built almost single-handedly Formula 1 into a global power house was replaced by three men: CEO Chase Carey, sporting manager Ross Brawn and commercial manager Sean Bratches.

A restructuring which almost flatters the 86-year-old Ecclestone.

"That is almost a compliment. But it's now a completely different way of thinking and working.

"Maybe I should have changed more things, as the Americans seem to now be about changing everything.

"For me it was always clear: I wanted to run Formula One Management so that it makes a profit for the shareholders.

"And in the end, the shares were so high that this was the reason it was purchased by the Liberty group."

When asked what his relationship with Carey is like today, Ecclestone answered: "Well, he doesn't need me. He says he knows what he is doing.

"And he has surrounded himself with people who also claim to know what they are doing," he added.

What do you think about Liberty Media relaxing the social media rules, are they right or is Ecclestone correct to not upset the TV broadcasters?

Let us know in the comments!

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