Alonso laments 'unbelievable' straight-line speed


Following another unsatisfying qualifying performance, Fernando Alonso revealed that McLaren-Honda is losing up to three seconds on the straights at Sochi.

The Honda power unit's lack of muscle has left McLaren's drivers as sitting ducks in terms of straight-line speed, with no improvement in sight.

It was Alonso's fourth consecutive Q2 dropout this season, and one which was all the more frustrating given his positive assessment of the MCL32's chassis.

"Yeah, really unbelievable because you know the car felt good today, it felt very grippy," Alonso said.

"I think we were quite competitive on the corners. We were losing 1.3 seconds on the straight today compared to the other ones.

"In the first straight, I mean, so I think it's 2.5 seconds or three seconds on the straights on the whole circuit.

"We knew this circuit is quite power-sensitive circuit, so we knew that we were not very competitive here.

"The laps were good and the laps were perfect, even in Q1, seven-tenths in front of Stoffel [Vandoorne, his team-mate].

"He won all the categories until Formula 1, dominating, so I feel great, I feel great in the car. I feel very competitive, so it's a shame."

Just to add insult to Honda's injuries, Alonso reckoned that McLaren's chassis could be the third fastest car with a power unit worth its mettle.

"I think you know the top four cars, I think they are a step ahead on everything," Alonso said.

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