Manor to have first updates in Silverstone

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Manor is likely to delay the introduction of a new car until the 2016 season as it will bring an update to its current car at next weekend’s British Grand Prix.

Having come out of administration ahead of the start of this season, Manor originally planned on introducing its 2015 car around the summer break. However, with the team being restructured and its chances of improving its constructors’ championship position very low, it is instead focusing on bringing through upgrades for the current MR03B.

When asked if Manor was looking at 2016 for the introduction for a new car, Booth told F1i: “It’s looking more and more likely.

“We are bringing some updates to Silverstone which will be quite significant appearance-wise anyway, and hopefully performance-wise as well. They will keep us out of the blue flags a bit longer and make life a lot easier.”

And Booth says the upgrades are the first significant new parts to be brought to the car since it was launched at the start of last season.

“These really are upgrades which could have been introduced at Silverstone last year if we had the money to make them. This car now - apart from the front of the car to make it 2015 legal - is basically the car that ran at Australia 2014. So it’s nice to bring updates to the car, and it’s good for everybody here and back at base to show a bit of progress.”

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