Eric Silbermann: I’ll tell you what I want...

And a few more things…

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Chinese Grand Prix - Preparation Day - Shanghai, China

Less sand and concrete

Even stick-in-the-muds like me have to accept that Formula 1 needs to expand its horizons and become more global if it is to stay healthy, but it’s time the promoter put health before wealth and looked at increasing the sport’s presence in Europe and the USA and markets where a race has at least a half-decent chance of being a hit with the general public. Therefore, while not wishing to see anyone harmed, I’d be delighted if some races in 2016 were seriously interrupted by disastrous political scenarios, which resulted in us no longer visiting places where there is a lot of sand. Plus, while the Chinese economy is stalling, maybe we can be spared a trip to the most depressing paddock in the known universe, with a facility seemingly modelled on the set of Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”.

Carlos Sainz to have better luck

Because there was just a little bit too much hype surrounding his team-mate, Max Verstappen and the Spaniard is capable of proving that.

Kimi Raikkonen to wake up

The Finn has been starring in “Sleeping Beauty” for a bit too long now. He needs to wake up in 2016 or ship out at the end of the season. Mind you, with Ferrari boss Sebastian Vettel deciding on the driver line-up, why would the German want anyone else in the number 2 seat?


Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Austrian Grand Prix - Qualifying Day - Spielberg, Austria

Dietrich Mateschitz to shut the f**k up

A wish no doubt shared by everyone at Red Bull Racing

A successor to Ecclestone from outside the sport

They teach you at gernalism skool that if you are writing a rather dull but worthy story, you should spice it up with one ridiculous statement, so I thought I’d include this. Seriously, the time has come for the man who has brought F1 this far to at least pave the way for a successor. That person or persons should be someone under forty. A basic grasp of geography should also be on the list of skill requirements, so that we don’t have to do Canada and Azerbaijan as back-to-backs.

The FIA, not the teams, to rule the sport

Jean Todt needs to realise the FIA is the governing body and produce new rules for the future that promote F1 as a sport and a show that has nothing to with saving the planet nor road safety.

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