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Hardship will only make Verstappen stronger - Horner

Max Verstappen Austrian GP

Max Verstappen endured another jinxed race yesterday,  but his misfortunes will only strengthen his resolve says Red Bull's Christian Horner.

It was another weekend to write off for the 19-year-old who rued another retirement, his fifth in seven races.

The Dutchman bogged down when the lights went green in Austria, his RB13 hampered by a clutch issue. To add insult to injury, he was tapped into a spin at Turn 1 as he found himself on the receiving end of a chain reaction started by Toro Rosso's Dany Kvyat.

"Max’s car unfortunately went into anti-stall on the grid which caused a slow getaway," explained Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner.

"He was out of positon and then got collected after an incident between Dany Kvyat and Fernando Alonso which turned him round at the first corner and thereafter had an issue which looks like the clutch."

Frustrations have been mounting for Verstappen recently. He retired in Canada and Azerbaijan with an engine failure while racing comfortably towards the front of the field.

Forced to the sidelines, the teenager's disappointments were only compounded by his team mate's positive performance and successful results.

But Horner believes the unlucky cycle will be broken, and when it is, a stronger and even better Max Verstappen shall emerge.

"It's massively tough for him but he will come through this stronger," said Horner.

"There are times in a Grand Prix driver's career, you forget how young he is.

"He's taking it on the chin and of course that's especially hard when you're seeing the other car getting the podiums he feels he should be achieving.

"But it will come right for him. He's performing at such a high level that I think when it does come right, he could quite easily win three races in a row."

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