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Haas to rely on 'spotters' in Baku


The Haas F1 Team will take a leaf out of IndyCar's book this weekend by using spotters to help its drivers negotiate traffic during qualifying in Baku.

Kevin Magnussen was hampered by traffic on a number of occasions this season, notably in Canada when the Dane failed to pass the Q1 cut because of an untimely run.

Haas team boss Guenther Steiner pondered the use of IndyCar-style spotters and the team has now assigned members of its personnel to monitor on-track activity around the Baku circuit.

"On Friday, we will sit down together [and discuss it]," said Steiner.

"We have our candidates anyway - it's just telling them what they need to do."

"It does need somebody to watch on the GPS or data who is out there and try to see what they're actually doing, the other guys," he said.

"I think Canada was particularly difficult because of the short circuit so the same amount of cars, less space, so obviously you run into each other and then how people they're managing tyres different to get to the fast lap.

"If you know that at least you can tell the driver how he should react to get to his. It will still be difficult but the race engineer himself he has got too much to do and if it's for both the cars it's pretty easy.

Steiner wasn't sure the team would deploy spotters at every race but the Austrian insisted he wanted to have a process in place just in case.

"What happened in Canada – short track, difficult tyre warm-up process – we need to do something.

"If we need to do it everywhere so even if we don't need them, we have them and next time when you need them they will be trained for it."

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