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Pirelli reveals tyre choices for Spain, Monaco, Canada and Baku


Pirelli has divulged its selection of tyre compounds for the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth rounds of the 2017 championship.

Under Formula One's rules, Pirelli is required to bring three different compounds to every Grand Prix weekend. For the first five races of the year - up to and including Spain - Pirelli allocates the number of each compound.

Beginning with Monaco, Canada and Azerbaijan the drivers select how many sets of each tyre they want to have available.

All teams have to take at least one set of each compound. 13 sets of tyres are allowed in total for each driver. The selection of tyres for the long-haul events has to be made by the teams 14 weeks in advance, compared to eight weeks for European races.

Pirelli has decided to offer their hardest compounds for the Spanish Grand Prix on May 14. It's the first time that the hard compound will be available in 2017.

Teams must use at least one set each of the hard and medium tyres during the race, unless it rains. In addition, yellow-walled soft tyres will be to be available for qualifying.

All teams must keep at least one set of the 'qualifying tyres' for use in Q3. Anyone who makes it through to Q3 has to hand back this set. However, drivers who don't reach the final round of qualifying get to keep the set and use it in the race.

With both Monaco and Canada being street circuits, it's not a surprise to see Pirelli select the same softer line-up for both events on May 28 and June 11.

The race tyres for both events will consist of the soft and supersoft tyres, while the ultrasoft is nominated for use in qualifying.

Finally, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku on June 25 will see Pirelli supplying soft and medium tyres as the race compounds, while drivers will have at least one set of supersofts to use in qualifying.

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