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Bahrain in-season F1 test - Day 2

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Live commentary

17h06 - And that brings an end to the Live comments from Bahrain testing on F1i.com. Make sure to visit F1i.com daily for all the latest news, videos and photos as well as technical and feature articles. Next step for the 2017 championship, Sochi for the Russian Grand Prix on April 30.

17h04 - Bottas takes best time of the day. He also put in the most laps at 143, which comes to 774 kilometres.

17h00 - End of session.

16h57 - Vandoorne jumps five positions to slot in at P4.

16h49 - Sirotkin picks up 0.6s and moves up to 8h.

16h47 - Bottas, Sainz, Magnussen, Paffett, Sirotkin and Pérez are on track for the final 15 minurtes of the session.

16h46 - With a lap of 1:32.411, Vandoorne retakres 8th place from Gasly.

16h41 - Gasly moves up 2 positions to P8.

16h40 - Bottas trims 0.073s off his previous best lap time.

16h37 - Sirotkin passes Gasly on the time sheet. Paffett completes his 120th lap in the Williams. Bottas begins another stint on soft tyres.

16h34 - Less than 30 minutes remain in today's testing. The only other in-season testing will take place at the Hungaroring in early August.

16h22 - Sainz, Magnussen, Sirotkin, Gasly eand Pérez are on track.

16h21 - Vanddorne has been running today with a new wing McLaren tested on Friday.

16h19 - Eric Boullier esteems it has been the "best day of the season" for McLaren-Honda. Vandoorne has completed 72 laps since this morning.

16h15 - The Toro Rosso of Sainz is the only car on track at the moment.

16h11 - Bottas completes lap 134 in the Mercedes.

16h06 - Vandoorne improves his time but is still 8th. He begins his 73rd lap in the McLaren-Honda.

16h00 – With the final hour underway it is Bottas leading way ahead of Sainz, Vettel, Magnussen, Ocon, Kvyat, Paffett, Vandoorne, Sirotkin, Gasly, Wehrlein and Pérez

15h56 - Magnussen picks up 0.8s and is now fourth overall.

15h53 - Vettel improves on his best time, trimming 0.3s and is now P3.

15h41 - Sainz moves up to P2 with a time of 1:32.115s, while Wehrlein and Paffet return to action.

15h37 - Kevein Magnussen has been discreet today, but the Dane has just set a lap of 1:32.934 in the Haas to slot in to P6.

15h29 - Vandoorne, Sainz, Sirotkin, Werhlein and Pérez are on track as testing enters the final 90 minutes of the day.

15h19 - Vandoorne has completed 61 laps to today in the McLaren-Honda, 3 more than the race distance on Sunday, of which the Belgian driver didn't get a chance to compete in.

15h18 - Bottas improves his best time of the day to 1:31.353. Hamilton best yesterday was 1:31.358.

15h10 - Paffet has gone over the 100 lap mark for Williams, while Sirotkin hit 60 in the Renault.

15h08 - Vandoorne returns to the track.

15h02 - Bottas, Paffett, Sirotkin and Pérez are on track as the final two hours of testing begins.

15h00 - After 7 hours it is still Bottas from Ocon, Kvyat, Vettel, Paffet, Vandoorne, Magnussen, Sainz, Sirotkin, Gasly, Wehrlein and Perez

14h58 - Bottas completes his 113th lap of the day. No rest for the defending champions! After 3 rounds they trail Sebestain Vettel and Ferrai in the Driver's and Constructor's standings.

14h47 - It has been some time since the Vandoorne has been on track. Is there reason for concern in the McLaren-Honda garage?

14:44 - Bottas on a six lap run on super-softs : out-lap - 1:31.6 - 1:33.9 - 1:34.6 - 1:34.5 - 1:35.0 - 1:35.2 - in-lap.

14h32 - Bottas lowers the best time of the day to 1:31.609.

14h31 - Vettel completes a 12 lap stint on super-soft tyres : out-lap - 1:32.2 - 1:57.6 - 1:33.3 - 1:34.2 - 1:34.6 - 1:35.0 - 1:35.0 - 1:35.1 - 1:35.1 - 1:35.4 - 1:35.5 - 1:35.3 - in-lap.

Former team boss likes what he sees so far from his old squad

14h22 - Bottas, Vettel and Paffett are the three on the track for the moment.

14h11 - Paffett improves by 0.6s, but reamains 5th overall.

14h06 - Vettel improves, but is 0.7s behind 3rd fastest so far Daniil Kvyat.

14h02 - Vettel is back on track on a Wednesday that has seen the Ferrari suffer realiability issues.

14h01 - Bottas has reached the 100 lap mark in the Mercedes.

14h00 - At the end of hour 6, Bottas still leads from Ocon, Kvyat, Vettel, Paffet, Vandoorne, Magnussen, Sainz, Sirotkin, Gasly, Wehrlein and Perez.

13h48 - Bottas has too returned to the circuit.

13h47 - Paffett and Wehrlein have joined Sainz.

13h37 - Sainz posts his first timed lap of the day in 1:33.685, to slot in at P8.

13h34 - Paffett, Magnussen and Sain on track.

13h26 - Sainz begins his afternoon of work, taking over from Kvyat in the Toro Rosso.

13h25 - Perez will soon takeover in the Force India.

13h22 - Ocon's day of testing is finished. "It was a very productive morning, we learned a lot of interestings about the car and it is always nice to see your name at the top of the time sheet", the Frenchman tweeted.

13h10 - Vettel has put in 2 installation laps before parking the Ferrari.

13h00 - After the 5th hour of running, Bottas leads from Ocon, Kvyat, Vettel, Paffet, Vandoorne, Magnussen, Sirotkin, Gasly and Wehrlein.

12h58 - While the action slows in Bahrain, head over to F1i to read how Bottas ran strong, while Ferrari struggled this morning. Then return here for the afternoon testing from the Sakhir circuit.

12h48 - Bottas is the only runner for the moment with a majority of the teams taking their mid-day break.

12h45 -Mercedes has explained Bottas' problem: The Finn encountered en electrical problem on his steering wheel.

12h37 - Bottas and Vandoorne are back on track.

12h33 - No scheduled breaks today. The running will continue just until 18h local time, (17h CET).

12h31 - The action resumes with Vettel and Ferrari back in action.

12h13 - Valtteri Bottas brout out the red when he parked his Mercedes at turn 4.

12h12 -The reason for the stoppage is that there is just one tow-vehicle and one crane for the private test. Action should resume in under ten minutes. There were four red flag periods during Tuesday's running.

1208 - Red Flag

12h07 - Ocon, Magnussen and Gasly are currently on track.

12h06 - The technical directors of the ten teams will meet with the FIA on Friday to discuss the bannishing the shark and T-wings for 2018.

12h03 - The Ferrari is expecting to return to action in the next 10 minutes, after completing just 8 laps so far today.

12h02 - Bottas completes a 9 lap run on soft tyres :out-lap - 1:32.2 - 1:34.1 - 1:34.7 - 1:35.6 - 1:35.5 - 1:35.7 - 1:35.9 - 1:35.9 - 1:35.9 - in-lap.

12h00 - After hour 4 it is Bottas ahead of Ocon, Kvyat, Vettel, Paffet, Vandoorne, Magnussen, Sirotkin, Gasly and Wehrlein.

11h55 - Vandoorne has put in 49 laps today, using the same spec. engien as Turvey had yesterday.

11h53 - Check out the latest news on F1i - Porsche boss : "No room for Alonso in our team". Then return here for more from F1 testing in Bahrain.

11h45 - Temperatures are rising at Sakhir: 33°C (air) and 46.1°C (track surface).

11h37 - Bottas, Kvyat, Paffett, Vandoorne and Sirotkin are your 5 runners on the Sakhir circuit at the moment.

11h35 - Bottas has set out for another stint in the Merc.

11h29 - Kvyat and Wehrlein join Ocon.

11h25 - Ocon is currently the only driver on track.

11h19 - In completing his 43rd lap, Vandoorne has done more running this morning than he did over the Bahrain GP weekend.

Dr. Marko keen to keep this baby bull in the corral !

11h12 - Bottas' 10 lap stint on soft tyres : out-lap - 1:31.771 - 1:33.627 - 1:34.012 - 1:34.551 - 1:34.952 - 1:35.339 - 1:35.398 - 1:35.282 - in-lap.

11h11 - Currently on track: Paffett, Vandoorne, Magnussen, Sirotkin and Gasly.

11h07 - Sirotkin moves past Gasly after improving his personal best by a full second.

11h04 - Gasly improves by 0.9s to move up two positions to P8 and is now 0.8s behind Magnussen.

11h01 - All the teams are currently running with the exception of Ferrari. Sebastien Vettel has only managed to log 8 laps this morining.

11h00 - At the conclusion of hour 3 it is Valtteri Bottas for Mercedes leading the way ahead of Ocon, Kvyat, Vettel, Paffet, Vandoorne, Magnussen, Sirotkin, Wehrlein and Gasly.

10h48 - Bottas goes .02s quicker.

10h47 - Bottas, Kvyat and Vandoorne each begin a new stint.

10h45 -Bottas has completed a 10 lap stint on soft tyres : out-lap - 1:31.791 - 1:33.656 - 1:34.530 - 1:35.009 - 1:35.314 - 1:35.215 - 1:35.204 - 1:35.598 - 1:41.847 - 1:35.315 - in-lap.

10h42 - Current temperatures in Bahrain are 31°C (air) and 40°C (track surface).

Will Perez swap bright pink for deep red?

10h39 -Just Sirotkin and Wehrlein currently on track.

10h30 - Paffett trims half second of his previous best time and is now in the top 5.

10h27 - Fingers crossed in the McLaren-Honda garage, as Vandoorne has now completed 30 laps and so far, no signs of problems.

10h23 - Bottas retakes the top spot, going 0.351s better than Ocon.

10h21 - Magnussen improves and is now P6.

10h18 - Vettel has only done 8 laps in the Ferrari in 2h15 of testing.The mechanics and engineers are pouring over the car and it is not expected to leave the garage for several hours, according to a team spokesperson.

10h16 - Ocon improves by 0.018s. Gasly goes 0.9s quicker but is still last on the time sheet.

What would this contest look like today?

10h12 - Fastest so far today, Ocon returns to the track for Force India.

10h11 - Third best on the clock Bottas leads the way in most laps completed at 42 ahead of Paffett (30) and Wehrlein (27).

10h05 - Sirotkin in the Renault improves and is now P8.

10h03 - Paffett, Wehrlein and Sirotkin have the track to themselves.

10h02- After 2 hours of testing Ocon leads the way ahead of Kvyat, Bottas, Vettel, Vandoorne, Paffett, Magnussen, Wehrlein, Sirotkin and Gasly

10h00 - Ocon takes over from Kvyat atop the time sheet by a scant 0.053s

09h51 - Vandoorne has run the counter up to 21 laps for the McLaren-Honda, which is 4 times more than Turvey could manage yesterday.The Belgian driver is currently on P5 at just under 1 second to Kvyat.

09h40 - Bottas, Magnussen and Wehrlein are the only drivers on track. The Finn has completed 33 laps in the Mercedes.

09h37 - Sirotkin passes Gasly in the classification. The Russian is now 9th at nearly 4 seconds to countryman Kvyat.

09h25 - Sirotkin posts his first lap time of 1:36.372 in the Renault.

The F1 car of our grand children?

09h18 - Ocon moves up 2 spots and is now third quickest in the session. Bottas, Paffett, Gasly and Sirotkin are also running.

09h09 - Bottas improves. The Finn is now in P2 at 0.133s to Kvyat in the Toro Rosso.

09h03 - In completeing his 14th lap in the McLaren-Honda, Vandoorne has already done 3 more laps than Turvey did all of yesterday.

09h01 - After the first hour it is Kvyat ahead of Vettel, Vandoorne, Ocon and Paffet.

08h56 - Six drivers are currently running : Kvyat, Vandoorne, Ocon, Paffett, Wehrlein and Sirotkin.

08h55 - Gasly completes his first lap with the Red Bull RB13 in 1:36.356.

08h53 - Vandoorne goes quiker with a time of 1:33.190.

08h52 - Ocon in the Force India slots into P3 with a time of 1:33.626.

08h48 - Vandoorne returns to the pits. Paffett, Wehrlein and Gasly are on circuit.

08h41 - Vandoorne clocks his first timed lap of the day in 1:33.857. P3.

08h39 - Vandoorne is also on circuit in the McLaren-Honda, will today be more productive for the Woking bunch than yesterday?

08h38 - Magnussen posts his first timed lap in the Haas, the Dane is currently 3rd on the time sheet.

08h33 - Paffet and Ocon are the only drivers currently on track.

08h28 - In his first lap in the Williams, Paffet slots into P3.

08h27 - Sirotkin is on track in the Renault R.S.17.

08h24 - Now it is Kvyat's turn to top the sheet with a lap of 1:32.213.

08h23 - Esteban Ocon who will share driving duties today with team mate Sergio Perez is also on circuit.

08h21 - Wehrlein slots in third best at 3.3s from Vettel.

08h20 - Vettel, Bottas, Wehrlein, Vandoorne and Kvyat are on track.

08h19 - Sergey Sirotkin (Renault) is the only driver yet to leave the garage.

08h18 - Vettel now leads the way with a lap 2,9s quicker than the best, so far, from Bottas.

Who said F1 isn't a dirty business!

08h15 - Bottas has the track all to himself.

08h14 - Pierre Gasly is in the Red Bull today and after the testing in Bahrain, the French driver will board a plane to Japan for the first round of the Super Formula Championship this weekend.

08h10 - Bottas puts in the first timed lap of the day in 1:35.561.

08h09 - The track has gone green with Bottas, Ocon, Magnussen, Vettel, Vandoorne, Wehrlein and Paffett all having done their installation laps.

08h08 - F2 driver Sean Gelael on his outing with Toro Rosso on Tuesday:"Today is a day I will never forget – to finally drive a Formula 1 car is something every driver dreams of, and to do it with Scuderia Toro Rosso makes it even more special," Gelael enthused."What an amazing feeling! This year’s car is a beast, it’s so quick! I settled in nicely throughout the day and we definitely made progress. The Indonesian finished 8th on the time sheet at more than 2.5s to Hamilton.

"I was able to complete plenty of laps and get used to the

08h03 - Stofel Vandoorne takes over from Oliver Turvey at McLaren-Honda and everyone in the outfit has fingers crossed that it will be a productive day 2 following yesterday's debacle.

08h00 - The day's action is set to begin with no official brakes until the close of business at 17h.

07h58 - Lewis Hamilton reviews how day 1 testing went for him and the team: "Today was tricky with it being so hot and very gusty but we still managed to get through plenty of work," Hamilton said."Our focus was on advancing our understanding of the tyres and also the rear of the car so that we can improve our long runs - particularly during the race and on the SuperSoft compound.We came here with a specific goal, so it was positive to get on top of that with the team."

07h55 - Drivers in action for day 2 : Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes), Sebastien Vettel ( Ferrari), Pierre Gasly (Red Bull), Sergio Perez (Force India), Gary Paffet (Williams), Daniil Kvyat (Toro Rosso) Sergey Sirotkin (Renault), Stoffel Vandoorne (McLaren), Kevin Magnussen (Haas), Pascal Wehrlein (Sauber).

07h50 - Good morning and welcome to Live coverage from day 2 of F1 private testing from the Sakhir circuit in Bahrain. Will anyone be able to beat the performance of Lewis Hamilton from day one? The Mercedes ace set the benchmark with a best lap of 1:31.358. Sauber's Marcus Ericsson put in the most mileage with 106 laps completed on the 5.417 track. Stay with F1i.com for all the news as it happens.