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LIVE F1 testing from Barcelona: Week 2 - Day 4

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Live commentary

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Thank you for joining us for the live commentary today where it was Kimi Raikkonen setting the pace on the final day of F-1 pre-season testing. Sebastien Vettel set a new unofficial track record this week in 1m17.182s on the Barcelona circuit. The wrap-up report on F1i.com comes your way very soon.

18:00 Chequered Flag !

17:56 Seems the Papaya Express did cut a corner and there the flyer nver happened !

17:54 Timing screens have Alonso P1 with a time of 1m16.720s. Did he short-cut the chicane?

Brawn upbeat about Silverstone hanging about !

17:50 We're in the last 10 minutes!

17:48 Alonso in 1m17.784s at a half a second to Raikkonen's best of the day.

17:46 Goes to show that testing must be taken with a bit of reserve. The true forms will be seen during Melbourne qualifying. Having said the Ferrari looks strong and the Mercs. and Red Bulls haven't shown all their stuff just yet.

17:44 The 2 Spanish drivers, who had horrible starts to the final day of testing now find temselves P2 and P3 behind Raikkonen in the Ferrari.

17:43 Alonso breaks the 1m18s barrier with a lap of 1m17.981s on the hyper-softs.

17:37 Sainz goes a tick quicker in 1m18.092s.

Yeah...Toto sure talks a bunch don't he !

17:32 Sainz moves to P2 with a lap of 1m18.164s.

17:30 30 minutes to play

17:27 Alonso goes a tick quicker with a lap of 1m19.117s on the pinks.

17:22 Alonso improves to 1m19.127s.

17:21 Sainz in 1m18.425s on the pink rubber to go P4.

17:20 P2 for Ricciardo with a time of 1m18.431s.

17:17 Ricciardo improves to 1m18.431s.

17:16 It is getting busy in the final 45 minutes with Leclerc, Räikkönen, Grosjean, Bottas, Alonso, Sainz and Ricciardo in action.

17:15 Grosjean has surpassed the 150 lap mark for the day and he's not quite done.

17:15 Ricciardo goes to P3 with a lap of 1m18.715s on super-softs.

17:13 Ricciardo is back out after a long moment inthe garage.

17:12 Pirelli has given their estimation for the performance gaps between their different compounds.

Mediums 08s more than the softs
Softs 0.4s more than the super-softs
Super-softs 0.6s more than the ultra-softs
Ultra-softs 0.7s more than the hyper-softs

17:05 Ocon has put in a full day and then some with 149 laps and P5 so far in the Pink Panther.

17:00 The Final Hour of 2018 Pre-Season Testing Starts Now !

The Hulk is Happy !

16:56 Sainz down to 1m19.214s on the ultra-softs.

16:50 Leclerc creeps into the top ten with a 1m20.090s.

16:44 With a lap of 1m19.345s, Sainz moves ahead of Hamilton for P8.

16:39 P9 for Sainz with a 1m19.913s on super-softs.

16:37 Sainz is back out along with Ocon, Grosjean and Alonso.

16:31 The Merc is running on mediums.

16:29 Bottas to P3 with a 1m18.941s.

16:25 And Räikkönen ends his race simulation with a short stint on hyper-softs: 1:41.3 (out-lap) - 1:19.4 - 1:19.3 - 1:19.4 - 1:19.9 - 1:20.0 - in-lap.

16:20 Sainz brings the R.S.18 back to the pits.

16:17 He is on the ultras and next time around he does a 1m23.240s.

16:16 Sainz gets on the board with a 1m24.413s.

16:15 Lap chart of Räikkönen's third stint in race simulation on mediums : 1:45.4 (out-lap) - 1:21.9 - 1:21.7 - 1:21.5 - 1:21.3 - 1:21.0 - 1:21.1 - 1:21.5 - 1:23.0 - 1:21.4 - 1:21.9 - 1:22.0 - 1:21.7 - 1:21.7 - 1:22.0 - 1:21.5 - 1:21.5 - 1:21.7 - 1:21.4 - 1:22.2 (in-lap).

16:13 Sainz in the Renault has left the garage !

Its not 'Papaya' season yet, but Stoffel is hopeful for a sweet harvest

16:06 Alonso is out for another run in the Papaya Express.

16:00 Two hours for the teams to put in their final runs.

Always the gentleman !

15:49 Lap chart of Räikkönen's second stint on his race simulation, this time on mediums : 1:44.2 (out-lap) - 1:23.1 - 1:23.1 - 1:23.2 - 1:23.3 - 1:23.3 - 1:22.9 - 1:22.7 - 1:22.5 - 1:22.4 - 1:22.4 - 1:22.3 - 1:22.7 - 1:22.3 - 1:21.9 - 1:22.1 - 1:22.4 - 1:22.4 - 1:22.4 - 1:22.7 - 1:22.3 - 1:24.0 - 1:22.4 - 1:23.7 (in-lap).

15:47 Stroll improves to 1m20.938s.

15:44 Stroll comes by in 1m21.318s on the softs.

Arty !

15:40 There has been a Lance Stroll sighting. With 2 hours 20 minutes left, the Canadian heads out in the Williams for the firs time on this the final day of testing ahead of the season-opener in Melbourne.

15:39 McLaren’s Eric Boullier on where he sees his team situated in the hierarchy: "It is a little early but it seems that Haas and Renault have nicely progressed. It is still between Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull at the front. Behind them, the gaps have narrowed. We are part of the chase group.”

15:32 Kimi has his century and Estaban will have his shortly.

15:28 Then it will be Ocon's turn. The French driver is on 95.

15:27 Raikkonen should be next to hit 100, he is on 96.

15:25 Grosjean is the third driver so far today to reach triple digits in laps.

15:21 Charles Leclerc returns to the track five hours after crashing the Sauber C37.

15:16 The McLaren is back in its garage.

Tatiana isn't buying what Carmen is selling !

15:14 Bottas is running consistent 1m19s on the white Pirellis.

15:12 Lap chart of Raikkonen's first stint on his race sim. done on the super-softs: 1:23.5 - 1:23.7 - 1:24.7 - 1:23.7 - 1:24.1 - 1:23.7 - 1:24.2 - 1:24.9 - in-lap (1:25.4).

15:10 Hartley is blowing away the competition for most lap today. The STR13 is on 117 and counting.

15:09 Alonso and Ricciardo now make it six cars in action.

15:07 Grosjean heads back out.

15:04 Ricciardo pits the RB14.

15:02 With the three hours to go, four cars are on track...Red Bull, Force India, Ferrari and Toro Rosso.

14:52 Alonso's flyer has been deleted. The Spaniard drops to P7.

14:49 Bottas is back out on track with the blue hard compound tyres.

14:48 Brings a few smiles to the faces of the team as he brings the car back to the pits.

14:46 Alonso pushes to slot in at P2 with a lap of 1m18.276s.

14:45 The kiwi has done is 100 and he wasnts more !

14:42 The big guns have gone...Bottas, Kimi and Ricciardo.

14:41 Now it is just Alonso and Hartley on track. Kind of cool to see these two out there by themselves.

14:37 Ricciardo, Ocon and Hartley are on tracj. The kiwi has sights set on the 100 lap mark.

14:32 Alonso completes a 15-lap run.

14:26 Sirotkin gets his Century.

14:25 Alonso P7 with a lap of 1m19.192s.

14:22 Alonso clocks a 1m19.730s on the purples.

14:20 Alonso is back out as is Bottas.

The honeymoon is in full swoon !

14:16 After a few laps on the ultras the Russian has returned to the pits. No cars curently on track.

14:07 Sirotkin goes back out.

14:01 4 Hours remaining and for the moment the track is quiet.

13:58 The Finnis now fifth on 1m19.001s

13:56 Bottas slots in P6 ahead of Hamilton with a 1m19.335s on mediums.

13:53 Valtteri Bottas heads out in the Mercedes for the first time this afternoon.

13:47 It is a second good showing for Haas in as many days. The Frenchman has booked 88 laps so far.

13:46 Grosjean improves to 1m18.412s.

13:45 Most are having a bite to eat and readying for the final 4 hours this afternoon.

13:37 Gorsjean and Sirotkin are the only two on track.

13:28 If Renault can mend the R.S. 18's gearbox in time, Carlos Sainz will be behind the wheel and not Nico Hûlkenberg, who was schedule to drive this afternoon.

13:27 The Russian lowers his best time to 1m19.996s.

13:25 Sirotkin goes out in the Williams.This could be the Russian's last go before he hands over to Lance Stroll. Robert Kubica was scheduled to run, but the Pole has stepped aside so the two regular drivers get a maximum amount of track time. So far, Sirotkin's best time today is a 1m20.250s on the softs, which puts him P6.

13:15 The track is quiet again.

13:09 The Haas is back in the pits.

The Prancing Horse still on top !

13:07 Ocon puts inhis best lap so foar today in 1m18.967s on the pinks !

13:05 Ocon is also on track.

13:02 Grosjean kicks-off hour 4 in the Haas-Ferrari. The Frenchman is second quick so far at 1.3s to Raikkonen. Yesterday Magnussen finished the day second to Vettel.

12:54 The track has gone silent.

12:53 Remember there is no offical lunch break today, so best get the snacks in and not leave your screens !

12:52 Lewis now runs aone.

12:51 It is now 19°C with the track surface coming in at 38°C.

12:50 This morning's mileage leaders Hamilton and Hartey are the only two on track for the moment. The Mercedes is on 95 and the Toro Rosso has moved past the 90 lap mark.

12:47 Alonso suffered a broken turbo in the McLaren this morning. The team says he'll be back in the car around 3 or 4 this afternoon.

Check out the latest snaps from Barcelona !

12:35 Four cars on track, the Mercedes, Haas, Williams and Ferrari.

12:34 Hartley pits after completing his 84th lap.

12:33 Next time by, the Ferrari clocked a 1m17.293s.

12:29 He improves to 1m17.221s, but isn't quite there yet. Vettel's best is a 1m17.182s.

12:28 Kimi is going quick, will he catch team mate Vettel for best overall time from the 8 days of testing?

12:27 Kimi is back out on a fresh set of pinks.

12:26 Hamilton has taken the Mercedes back out.

12:25 Hartley in 1m18.949s on the hypers.

12:24 Ricciardo is cruising around in the 1m21s on mediums.

12:23 Grosjean is back up to speed on the reds.

12:21 Hartley is up to 75 laps, while Hamilton too keeps putting the miles. The Mercedes is still on the mediums.

12:20 Kimi is back in the pits after that hot lap!

12:16 The Ferrari is on the hyper-soft compound.

12:15 Raikkonen puts in a belter of a lap in 1m17.375s.

12:15 Ocon goes back out on mediums.

12:13 Lap chart of Hamilton's run on the mediums: out-lap - 1:25.0 - 1:24.2 - 1:23.9 - 1:23.6 - 1:23.6 - 1:22.8 - 1:22.9 - 1:22.6 - 1:22.8 - 1:22.8 - 1:22.6 - 1:24.2 - 1:22.8 - 1:22.6 - 1:22.6 - 1:22.3 - 1:22.4 - 1:22.0 - 1:21.9 - 1:21.8 - 1:21.8 - 1:21.8 - 1:22.1 - 1:21.6 - 1:21.4 - 1:23.1 - 1:22.6 - in-lap (1:22.9).

12:10 Robert Kubica will not be in the FW41 this afternoon as was scheduled. Lance Stroll will get in the car this afternoon.

Lovely pic !

12:04 Hartley has put in the most laps at 63, followed by Sirotkin on 59 and Grosjean and Hamilton with 58.

12:03 Hamilton on white mediums has the track to himself.

12:00 The highlights after three hours of running: Kimi Raikkonen
has posted fastest time of 1m18.292s on super-softs. Charles Leclerc has crashed the Sauber C37, McLaren has suffered another setback and is now doing an engine change and Renault is investingating a gearbox concern.

Does anyone remember the spin and win at Indy? Mario Andretti does !

11:51 Grosjean has brought Haas back to the pits.

Pirelli Pinks for Canada

11:48 Grosjean improves to 1m18.590s.

11:45 No rest for the weary at McLaren...the team is doing an engine change.

11:43 The Frenchman is also up to 52 laps so far this morning.

11:42 Grosjean moves to P2 with a lap of 1m19.176s on the super-softs.

11:41 No improvements for the moment. Sirotkin is closing in on 50 laps.

11:35 Ricciardo heads out, Hartley has come in.

11:32 Hartley down to 1m19.572s in the Toro Rosso-Honda.

11:31 Conditions are currently 15.9°C and 33,9°C.

11:28 Hartley first to reach 50 laps today.

11:20 Hamilton is on track on the white mediums.

11:19 Hartley goes sub 1m20 with a 1m19.905s.

11:18 The Ferrari pits.

11:14 And it is a 1m18.292s for the Ferrari driver.

11:13 Kimi is going quick on the super-softs.

11:11 At this rate of carnage, we may be in for an early end to the day.

11:10 following the hardships of Sauber and McLaren, Renault is now looking into an issue with its gearbox.

11:08 Ocon and Raikkonen on track.

11:06 Sirotkin heads back out in the FW41.

Not a good look for McLaren

11:03 No cars on track.

11:02 Ricciardo brings the RB14 back to the pits.

11:01 Hour 3 beins with Ricciarrdo by himself on track.

10:56 Brendon Hartley currently leads the way in laps completed at 40 as hour two nears its end.

10:55 Only the Red Bull and Haas are on track now.

10:52 Grosjean is on softs and improves to 1m19.952s.

10:51 Like is fellow front-runners during these tests, Raikkonen slows in the third sector after posting the best times in sectors 1 and 2.

10:49 Small improvement for Ocon in the VJM11 at 1m19.691s.

10:48 The Finn goes P1 with a time of 1m18.298s on the red Pirellis.

10:47 Kimi is on a flyer.

10:46 Sirotkin put the Williams, on purples, 6th at 1m20.750s.

10:45 Ocon is P3 on the softs at 1m19.828s.

10:45 Ricciardo on mediums is now P5 at 1m19.686s.

10:44 Raikkonen heads back out.

10:41 Hamilton improves to 1m19.464s.

10:39 Ricciardo is now P6 with a time of 1m20.930s

10:38 Five cars on track.

10:34 Grosjean is first to head back out.

10:33 We are back to green !

10:31 5 minute message has been given for the re-start of testing.

K-Mag keeping it real !

10:29 10 minutes before action resumes.The barrier Leclerc hit is being repaired.

10:21 Seems Leclerc has made contact with the barrier at Turn 11 and came to a stop at Turn 12.

10:18 Only the two local drivers, Alonso (obviuosly) and Sainz have yet to post a time.

10:17 While it is the reason for the red flag, the boys at McLaren-Renault should be concerned about another oil leak from their engine.

10:16 In fact, Charles Leclerc in the Sauber is stopped at Turn 11.

10:15 Oil at Turn 7 is the reason for the stoppage.

10:15 Red Flag again !

10:15 Ricciardo is on the mediums and is P8 with a 1m21.370s.

10:13 Lewis into the 1m19s with lap of 1m19.601s.

10:12 The Ferrari is on softs, while the Merc is running on the super-softs.

10:12 Hamilton now second quick with a lap of 1m20.313s.

10:11 Kimi to P1 with a time of 1m20.255s.

10:10 Ricciardo puts his first time of the day on the board in 1m23.012s.

10:07 Hamilton is on track as well.

10:07 The Renault is back in the pits.

10:06 Sainz, Raikkonen, Ricciardo and Sirotkin head out.

10:04 Back to green !

10:02 The McLaren is being brought back to the garage on the flatbed truck and testing should resume in a few minutes.

10:00 One hour down and 8 to go on the final day of testing.

09:59 Seems the Papaya Express has spilt more fluids and in exactly the same spot where Alonso came to a stop on Wednesday.

09:58 Alonso has walked away from the car and we wait for the explanation.

Nothing to see here !

09:55 The Papaya Express has yet to put a time on the board. Is this the start to another headache of a day for the squad?

09:54 Red Flag...the McLaren is stopped at Turn 7.

09:54 Alonso has come to a stop on track!

09:52 Running with the red super-softs, Ocon comes by in 1m20.759s.

09:50 Ocon improves with a 1m21.050s.

09:48 Grosjean back in the pits.

09:47 Ocon sheds another two-tenths on this lap.

09:46 The Frenchman keeps the momentum going with a 1m21.569s next time by.

09:44 Ocon puts the Froce India P5 with a lap of 1m22.138s.

09:41 Carlos Sainz breaks cover in the R.S.18.

09:40 "Big John' as Gene Haas may refer to his French driver goes P1 with a lap of 1m20.351s on the soft tyres.

09:40 Sergey Sirotkin does a 1m23.239s on the ultras.

09:37 Hartley goes quicker with a 1m21.150s.

09:35 After the first half hour of running Ricciardo, Ocon, Sirotkin, Sainz and Alonso have yet to put a time on the board .

09:33 Hartley up to P3 with a lap of 1m21.383s on the soft tyres.

09:33 The Frenchman improves with a 1m20.906s.

09:32 Grosjean up to P2 with a alp of 1m21.181s.

09:30 So, we can say business as usual then!

09:29 So far it looks like a Mercede-Ferrari battle with Red Bull right behind the two super teams.

09:28 Give us your impression on how tesing has gone and what you think about how the 2018 championship will play out !

09:27 Grosjean, on the softs, gets the Haas on the board with a 1m22.006s

09:27 And he carries on with a 1m20.519s.

09:25 Kimi goes P1 with a time of 1m21.141s, but its very early days and we should see some super-fast laps as the temps. rise.

09:24 The SF71H is staring its testing day on the yellow soft compound.

09:23 A 1m22.215s next time by for the Ferrari, as Hamilton heads back out.

09:21 Kimi puts a lap of 1m23.227s on the timing screen.

Pit crews also test !

09:19 Today, the teams will be testing straight through to 6pm with no official linch break.

09:1O Ocon is on track in the VJM11.

09:15 Charles Leclerc takes the Sauber out.

09:14 Everyone except Carlos Sainz has done an installation lap.

09:13 The Merc is back in its box.

09:10 Lap 5 time for Hamilto...1m21.720s.

09:08 A wipe the sleep out of the eyes time of 1m25.624s for #44.

09:07 The W09 is shod with Pirelli's purple ultra-softs.

09:06 Ocon has gone out and returned to the garage. Ricciardo is also on track.

09:04 Romain Grosjean heads out for Haas.

09:03 Lewis Hamilton joins the Iceman on track for the systems check lap.

09:01 The Ferrari with Kimi on board leaves the garage.

09:00 We are green for the final day of pre-season testing !

Rest In Peace

08:58 Current temperatures : 7.1C° air and 18.9C° track surface.

08:57 Track opens in 3 minutes.

08:56 Will McLaren have a trouble-free final day? Can Toro-Rosso and Honda keep their honeymoon on the right foot? Will Williams get up to speed? Can Renault match the performance of its customer teams? Is Haas about to take its game to the next level? Is Force India still the best of the rest after the big three? Is Sauber going to finally field a competitive car? Is the 'Halo' the answer or is it another ugly appendage? Will 3 powertrains be enough for a full 21-weekend campaign. We will shortly have the answers to these and many more questions !

08:50 After the long winter hiatus and 7 days of variable conditions during testing in Spain, the teams now have this final day to work out the kinks and test the latest innovations of their 2018 machines before the season opener in Melbourne in just a fortnight. Will Kimi match the record breaking time of his team mate Seb? Can the Silver Arrows or Ricciardo in the RB14 give the Scuderia a run today? Stay right here to find out!

Lewis likes his new ride !

Good morning from sunny Barcelona, where teams will conclude their two weeks of pre-season testing before everyone heads Down Under to Melbourne for the start of the 2018 campaign.

After yesterday's record-breaking session, courtesy of Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel, it should be an exciting final stint, and one which will run uninterrupted until 6pm.

Check out the teams' line-ups to find out who will be behind the wheel today.