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19:02 - Until then, stay up to date with all the breaking news from Baku on the F1i website!

19:00 - We'll be back again for the next event of the 2016 season, the Austrian Grand Prix on July 1-3 from the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg.

18:58 - And that's it from Baku from our live commentary service for the Grand Prix of Europe.

18:56 - Eddie Jordan mentions that Rosberg's championship lead is now back up to 24 points but Rosberg ducks the question: "Today I'm just enjoying the win. Ecstatic - and tonight big celebrations!"

18:54 - "I knew yesterday when I put the car in the wall that this was a big chance for us. So I had to do the job in qualifying," says Perez. "Very good start, and fighting with Kimi all the way to the end. I knew he had a penalty, but it was very nice to get him on the last lap."

18:52 - Huge cheers for Perez.

18:51 - "All in all a great day, thanks to the team," says Vettel. "Second place in a row, scoring some good points, it's great."

18:50 - "For me the weekend went perfectly, everything went to plan" says Rosberg. "No concerns, flat out."

18:49 - Eddie Jordan makes a typically understated bow on the stage to conduct the podium interviews.

18:48 - Trophies presented, it's time for champagne!

18:47 - The German national anthem is played in honour of Rosberg and Mercedes' dominating victory.

18:46 - In the green room, Perez tells Rosberg "I passed. I didn't have to do, Kimi had a penalty, but..."

18:45 - Here's the F1i race report from Baku: Rosberg cruises to victory in inaugural Baku race

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - European Grand Prix - Qualifying Day - Baku, Azerbaijan

18:44 - Celebrations and hugs in parc fermé before Rosberg, Vettel and Perez head up for the podium ceremony.

18:42 - Here's the full unofficial race results from the Grand Prix of Europe: 1 Ros (Lap 51), 2 Vet (+16.696s), 3 Per (+25.241s), 4 Rai (+33.102s), 5 Ham (+56.335s), 6 Bot (+60.886s), 7 Ric (+69.229s), 8 Ves (+70.696s), 9 Hul (+77.708s), 10 Mas (+85.375s), 11 But (+104.817s), 12 Nas (+1 laps), 13 Gro (+1 laps), 14 Mag (+1 laps), 15 Pal (+1 laps), 16 Gut (+1 laps), 17 Eri (+1 laps), 18 Har (+2 laps). Non finishers: Alonso, Wehrlein, Sainz, Kvyat.

18:40 - "Amazing weekend, thank you so much. Enjoy it! Another podium, yesssss!" says Perez. "Thank you so much, so sorry for yesterday."

18:38 - "Yee-hah! Thanks a lot guys, awesome," radios Rosberg. It's the first time that a Mercedes has won a Grand Prix of Europe.

18:37 - Vettel is second and Perez third, his second podium in three races.

18:36 - Nico Rosberg becomes the first winner of the Grand Prix of Europe to be held in Baku!

Lap 51 - Rosberg coasting on his final lap.

Lap 51 - And Perez does indeed go for the pass in turn 1 on Raikkonen - and makes it! Raikkonen's clearly struggling and knew it was a moot matter so there wasn't much opposition.

Lap 50 - An easy pass by Verstappen on Hulkenberg around the outside in turn 1 at the start of the penultimate lap.

Lap 49 - Perez is clamped on the back of Raikkonen's car. Is it worth making a pass? Third place is already his because of the Finn's pit entry penalty. Vettel is too far down the road to be caught now.

Lap 48 - Ricciardo finally passes Hulkenberg in turn 1 to take seventh place. He runs wide and locks up on the exit but manages to retain the place. He needed to do that, as Verstappen is fast closing up on the pair from behind.

Lap 47 - The sun is rather low in the sky now, and the track is largely in shadows cast by trees and buildings lining the circuit.

Lap 46 - Nice move from Nasr to pass Magnussen in turn 1 for 12th place. Both men are a lap down.

Lap 46 - Raikkonen the latest driver to be suffering technical issues, and getting frustrated by the rules which forbid his team to give directions from the pit wall. "For sure you can say yes or no," he presses - but they can't.

Lap 46 - Four retirements so far: Alonso, Wehrlein, Sainz and Kvyat. Far fewer than predicted!

Lap 45 - Latest standings: 1 Ros (Lap 45s), 2 Vet (+19.483s), 3 Rai (+25.217s), 4 Per (+27.432s), 5 Ham (+45.835s), 6 Bot (+60.102s), 7 Hul (+66.635s), 8 Ric (+67.778s), 9 Ves (+75.429s), 10 Mas (+77.085s), 11 But (+103.007s), 12 Nas (+107.243s), 13 Mag (+108.031s), 14 Gro (+1 laps), 15 Pal (+1 laps), 16 Gut (+1 laps), 17 Eri (+1 laps), 18 Har (+1 laps).

Lap 45 - Ricciardo lines up Hulkenberg for a pass for seventh place but can't pull it off. But his team mate Verstappen does make a successful move on Massa for ninth.

Lap 44 - "I got my power back!", Hamilton confirms, with added expletive.

Lap 43 - Button makes his way around Magnussen for 11th, but McLaren tell Alonso to box and retire after he's been left stuck in fourth gear.

Lap 43 - Even if he has, he's now fallen 13s behind Perez so it's unlikely that he will be able to improve his positio in the remaining time available.

Lap 43 - Hello. Hamilton puts in the fastest lap of anyone in the race: 1:46.822s. Has he fixed his problem?

Lap 42 - Grosjean the latest to attack Alonso. The Spaniard is able to hold him off at turn 1 but Grosjean still has DRS advantage and makes the move stick a couple of corners later. The McLaren is now 15th.

Lap 41 - Pascal Wehrlein pulls off at turn 1, reporting "completely broken brakes" on his Manor. It's his first DNF in Formula One.

Lap 40 - Alonso now loses 13th place to Nasr.

Lap 40 - Raikkonen gives the bleep machine a good workout as he rails over the team radio against backmarkers not observing blue flags.

Lap 39 - Button catches and passes Alonso into turn 1 using DRS, and keeps the position even though Alonso tries to fight back.

Lap 38 - Rosberg's lead is now 17.9s over Vettel. Raikkonen is in third but is only 3.5s ahead of Perez, and he has a five second penalty to be added at the end.

Lap 37 - Things have really settled down now. Button is closing on his team mate Alonso for 12th but otherwise the cars are fairly spread out. Unbelievably, we've had no safety cars all afternoon.

Lap 34 - Hamilton's frustration with his engine mode mis-setting continues to spiral: "This is ridiculous guys. I don't want to be looking at my frickin' dash every five seconds, trying to work out what switch is in the wrong position."

Lap 33 - Sainz off with an apparent suspension issue. Local waved yellows only, no need for a (virtual) safety car. His Toro Rosso team mate Kvyat also retired from the race with suspension issues.

Lap 32 - Hamilton told that his kinetic energy problem is because he's in the wrong mode. "I don't know what you mean," says Hamilton, and the new rules about team communications mean the engineer is tongue-tied.

Lap 31 - Sainz also gets around Palmer for 14th.

Lap 30 - As Button gets around Palmer, the latest standings: 1 Ros (Lap 30s), 2 Vet (+17.427s), 3 Rai (+20.838s), 4 Per (+24.749s), 5 Ham (+31.075s), 6 Bot (+46.215s), 7 Hul (+55.744s), 8 Ric (+58.855s), 9 Mas (+62.323s), 10 Ves (+71.541s), 11 Mag (+75.653s), 12 Alo (+80.856s), 13 But (+82.745s), 14 Pal (+83.925s), 15 Sai (+84.454s), 16 Nas (+85.544s), 17 Gro (+90.886s), 18 Weh (+107.489s), 19 Eri (+107.639s), 20 Gut (+1 lap), 21 Har (+1 lap).

Lap 30 - As a result, Vettel narrows the gap to Rosberg - to 'just' 17.320s.

Lap 29 - Ferrari thank Kimi for making way for Vettel, and he replies: "Yeah but now you tell him to push because I don't want him in front of me!" Vettel obliges by setting the new fastest lap of the race so far: 1:47.582s.

Lap 29 - Sainz pits and his choice of supersofts is a surprise. He comes back out in 16th behind Button but he'll son be able to get around the McLaren.

Lap 28 - Raikkonen allows Vettel to take second place. The Finn already has a five second penalty so there's no point holding up his team mate.

Lap 28 - Hamilton sounds to be having trouble using the kinetic energy from his power plant. He's getting frustrated.

Lap 27 - Now it's Ricciardo making a move on Sainz down the straight.

Lap 26 - As we pass the halfway point of the race, Hulkenberg slipstreams Sainz and picks up another place. He's now in eighth.

Lap 25 - Button also loses a spot to Ricciardo, as Alonso pits.

Lap 25 - Another good pass by Hulkenberg, this time on Button for tenth.

Lap 24 - New fastest lap for Rosberg: 1:47.954s.

Lap 24 - Ricciardo also forced to make a second stop and change to medium tyres. He comes back out in 13th behind a long train of cars. It's not going well for Red Bull this afternoon.

Lap 23 - Hulkenberg gets by Nasr for 12th place.

Lap 23 - Latest standings: 1 Ros (Lap 22), 2 Rai (+18.614s), 3 Vet (+21.605s), 4 Per (+26.181s), 5 Ham (+28.274s), 6 Ric (+31.154s), 7 Mas (+33.451s), 8 Bot (+40.515s), 9 Sai (+47.985s), 10 Alo (+49.027s), 11 But (+49.843s), 12 Nas (+50.482s), 13 Hul (+50.894s), 14 Gro (+52.762s), 15 Weh (+54.575s), 16 Mag (+56.183s), 17 Pal (+65.635s), 18 Ves (+67.252s), 19 Eri (+69.535s), 20 Gut (+70.443s), 21 Har (+85.934s).

Lap 22 - Remember that warning that Red Bull would be at a serious disadvantage to Mercedes power down the long straight? Well, Ricciardo was overtaken first by Perez and then by Hamilton.

Lap 22 - Finally, Rosberg makes his first stop of the afternoon. He still has a big lead over Raikkonen when he comes back out.

Lap 21 - Verstappen also in to the Red Bull pit box. His tyres haven't lasted as well as hoped, just 15 laps since his first stop. He's gone to medium tyres and then seemed to drop the clutch which means it was a sluggish time.

Lap 21 - Vettel finally pits and comes back out in third ahead of Ricciardo.

Lap 20 - Perez successfully passes Massa into turn 1; a few corners later and Hamilton also gets around the Williams.

Lap 20 - Bottas finally pits for new tyres and come back out in ninth just ahead of Verstappen

Lap 19 - Raikkonen succeeds in getting around Ricciardo through turn 1 for fourth place. Further back, Felipe Nasr makes a glancing blow against the barrier which lights up with sparks in the dimming evening light in Baku.

Lap 19 - Rosberg, Vettel, Bottas, Hulkenberg and Wehrlein are the only drivers yet to stop.

Lap 18 - After some fastest laps from Raikkonen, now it's Hamilton who sets a new benchmark with 1:48.187s despite running wide at turn 16 along the way.

Lap 18 - Rather remarkably, we've had no incidents on track and only one retirement - Kvyat suffered a suspension failure on his Toro Rosso, we're told.

Lap 17 - Perez responds to Hamilton's stop with one of his own. He comes back out just in front of the Mercedes.

Lap 16 - Hamilton rejoins in ninth on soft tyres.

Lap 16 - Mercedes respond by pitting Hamilton, just as Raikkonen successfully passes Hulkenberg at turn  for what is now sixth place..

Lap 15 - Hamilton reports vibration under braking.

Lap 15 - Rosberg's lead is now 17s over Vettel.

Lap 15 - Ricciardo is making rapid progress through the field on his new tyres and it closing up on Bottas. By comparison, Hamilton on older tyres is losing ground on Perez.

Lap 14 - Confirmed: five second time penalty for Raikkonen for cutting the line at pit entry.

Lap 13 - Ricciardo goes around the outside of Hulkenberg in turn 1 for sixth palce.

Lap 13 - Rosberg's 1:49.711s is the fastest lap of the race so far. He's in a class of his own so far today.

Lap 12 - Kimi Raikkonen under investigation for cutting the line at pit entry.

Lap 12 - Rosberg's lead is now 14s over Vettel. Perez is a further ten second sbehind and then Perez is finding his rear view mirrors full of Hamilton.

Lap 11 - Hamilton finally gets around Bottas in turn 1 for fourth place, while Raikkonen passes Wehrlein at turn 3 for eight place.

Lap 10 - Here's the latest standings: 1 Ros (Lap 9), 2 Vet (+12.306s), 3 Per (+21.504s), 4 Bot (+22.422s), 5 Ham (+23.081s), 6 Hul (+30.307s), 7 Ric (+33.341s), 8 Gro (+34.730s), 9 Weh (+34.957s), 10 Rai (+37.072s), 11 Eri (+38.257s), 12 Mas (+38.841s), 13 Pal (+43.838s), 14 Ves (+44.203s), 15 Sai (+47.373s), 16 Alo (+47.496s), 17 But (+49.375s), 18 Nas (+53.078s), 19 Mag (+59.392s), 20 Har (+69.871s), 21 Gut (+78.895s). Kvyat has retired.

Lap 10 - Rosberg's lead is now a whopping 11.5s over Vettel with perez in third from Bottas and Hamilton.

Lap 9 - And in fact it's Raikkonen who pits, not Vettel.

Lap 9 - Vettel told to come into pit. "Are you sure about this? The pace is quite good," he double checks after that miscall in Canada. But Ferrari want to undercut Ricciardo.

Lap 8 - Hamilton tries an attack on Bottas into turn 1, but the Williams has Mercedes power and stays ahead.

Lap 8 - As Massa pits, Kvyat also returns - to retire in the Toro Rosso garage it seems.

Lap 7 - Button and Magnussen have also made their first stops and changes to soft tyres.

Lap 7 - And now Ricciardo also pits for soft tyres. Meanwhile Vettel's Ferrari has disentangled itself from a plastic bad that had wrapped itself round the bodywork.

Lap 6 - Kvyat, Alonso and Verstappen all pit to exchange their supersofts for soft tyres.

Lap 6 - Ricciardo has fallen off the lead and into Vettel's clutches, Vettel takes second place from the Red Bull with the aid of DRS.

Lap 5 - Bottas attacks Verstappen, and Hamilton uses the opportunity to follow Bottas through with a three-wide pass on Verstappen at turn 1.

Lap 4 - Rosberg's lead over Ricciardo now stands at 3.7s.

Lap 4 - And Kvyat quickly falls prey to Grosjean into turn 3 meaning he's out of the top ten.

Lap 4 - Now Hamilton lines up a pass on Kvyat at turn 1 ... and makes it stick.

Lap 3 - Bottas makes a clean move on Kvyat at turn 3 to regain eighth position after dropping a spot at the start.

Lap 3 - All in all that was a fairly problem-free start to the race. But don't be deceived - this morning's GP2 race also had a calm and oderly start; the mayhem started mid-race...

Lap 2 - It was Haryanto who was the Manor involved in that first corner incident. He's pitted for repairs.

Lap 2 - After the first lap, Rosberg has one second in hand over Ricciardo, Vettel, Raikkonsn, Perez, Massa, Verstappen, Kvyat, Bottas and Hamilton - not much change in the top ten in that opening lap.

Lap 1 - Esteban Gutierrez has lost a front wing after contact with Hulkenberg through that first corner.

Lap 1 - Rosberg holds the lead from Ricciardo and the Ferraris. Some bunching and contact toward the back between a Manor and Sauber.

Lap 1 - And we're go!

17:03 - Finally the cars arrive back on the main straight and take up their grid positions. We're about to get this race started!

17:02 - It's a long way around this six kilometre lap...

17:00 - Everyone pulls away off the grid.

16:59 - About a minute to go before the cars start their formation laps.

16:57 - It looks like it will be a one-stop strategy today. The top ten will be starting on supersofts, with a change to soft compound tyres after the first 20 laps or so of this 51-lap race.

16:55 - Things to watch out for: turn 1 at the end of a two kilometre long straight is a prime overtaking opportunity. The tight twisty sectiosn through 8, 9 and 10 could prove problematic for cars. And Turn 15 has claimed both Ricciardo and Perez so far this weekend.

16:53 - We've had the national anthems so now the drivers are getting strapped into their cars on the starting grid.

16:52 - The short answer is, it's anyone's guess! If the GP2 support races are anything to go by then there could be a lot of incidents and retirements.

16:50 - So what can we expect from the first Formula One race to be held on this new street circuit?

16:48 - One bit of good news for Hamilton is that the race stewards have allowed him to change the front left tyre that he badly flat-spotted in qualifying yesterday ahead of the start.

16:47 - And what about Lewis Hamilton? Unfortunately after topping all the practice sessions, the reigning world champion couldn't find his rhythm in qualifying and crashed out in Q3 meaning that he will start from tenth place today.

16:45 - Williams' Felipe Massa is in fifth alongside Toro Rosso's Daniil Kvyat, while Massa's team mate Valtteri Bottas is paired with Perez on the fourth row. Red Bull's Max Verstappen will get underway from ninth place on the grid.

16:43 - Perez' demotion puts Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo on the front row alongside Rosberg, and makes the second row an all-Ferrari line-up consisting of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen.

16:42 - Force India's Sergio Perez was second fastest in qualifying but unfortunately a gearbox change grid penalty demotes him down the grid today. Also hit by gearbox penalties are Carlos Sainz (Toro Rosso) and Kevin Magnussen (Renault). Magnussen was already due to start on the back row. so his penalty moves him to the pit lane for the start.

16:40 - Nico Rosberg will be on pole position for Mercedes, after keeping his cool and putting in a perfectly judged last-minute qualifying lap on Saturday afternoon.

16:39 - The drivers parade has been completed, and now the cars are out on track and making their way to the starting grid in preparation for the start of today's race in a little over 20 minutes time.

16:38 - It's a lovely day here in Baku, but seriously hot - 33C right now and the track itself is scorching.


16:35 - Hello and welcome to F1i's live coverage of the 2016 Grand Prix of Europe from Baku in Azerbaijan.