LIVE: 2016 Singapore Grand Prix

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22:20 - But for now, many congratulations to Nico Rosberg for his 22nd career win on his 200th Grand Prix appearance.


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22:17 - And that's anout it for F1i's live coverage of the Singapore Grand Prix. We hope you've enjoyed all the action from Marina Park Street Circuit this weekend.

22:16 - Big cheers as the drivers complete their celebrations on the podium.

22:15 - "Not focussed on points, just happy with the win today," says Rosberg.

22:14 - Hamilton congratulates Rosberg on a perfect race weekend. "I was struggling with my brakes," he confesses. 'Toward the end I still had a bit of heat in them," but he was able to get them under control.

22:13 - We gave it a good shot," says Ricciardo, who says he's not going to be disappointed despite running out of laps at the end. "It was close. As soon as we did the pit stop we thought Nico was going to come in," admitted that he over-used the tyres in the first part of that final stint.

22:12 - "We knew it was going to be tight at the end but it worked out," says Rosberg, who says he was going to pit when Ricciardo and Hamilton did but couldn't because of traffic.

22:10 - Martin Brundle joins the drivers on the podium for the post-race interviews.

22:08 - That makes eight wins for Rosberg in 2016 so far, and three back to back with victories in Spa, Monza and now Singapore. Hamilton meanwhile has six wins this season.

22:07 - Rosberg, Ricciardo and Hamilton head out to the podium for the playing of the German national anthem, followed by some champagne.

22:06 - Rosberg now leads Hamilton by eight points in the world championship battle.

22:04 - Here's the F1i race report: Rosberg holds on to take title lead after Singapore thriller

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Singapore Grand Prix - Race Day - Singapore, Singapore

22:03 - Final classification: 1. Ros (Lap 61), 2. Ric (+0.488), 3. Ham (+8.038), 4. Rai (+10.219), 5. Vet (+27.694), 6. Ves (+71.197), 7. Alo (+89.198), 8. Per (+111.062), 9. Kvy (+111.557), 10. Mag (+119.952), 11. Gut (+1 lap), 12. Mas (+1 lap), 13. Nas (+1 lap), 14. Sai (+1 lap), 15. Pal (+1 lap), 16. Weh (+1 lap), 17. Eri (+1 lap), 18. Oco (+2 laps). Retirements: Button, Bottas, Hulkenberd, Grosjean.

22:01 - Vettel picks up a remarkable fifth place having started from the back of the grid, just ahead of Verstappen, Alonso, Perez, Kvyat and Magnussen - only the second points of 2016 for Renault.

22:00 - Hamilton secures third place despite a strong challenge at the end from Raikkonen.

22:00 - Nico Rosberg claims his third Grand Prix win in a row, by just 0.488s from Daniel Ricciardo, and moves into the lead of the world championship!

Lap 61 - It's two seconds with one lap to go. Looks like Ricciardo has run out of time.

Lap 59 - Toto Wolff is smiling in the Mercedes garage. Does that mean the team think Rosberg is safe?

Lap 58 - "You've now got clear track ahead of you to Rosberg," the Red Bull pit wall tells Ricciardo. But does he have enough laps and enough tyre life left to pull it off? It's 4.6s with three laps remaining.

Lap 57 - Rosberg might be managing the situation, though - the gap has levelled off at just over five seconds, for the time being at least. Ricciardo is also having to deal with some of the traffic that was impeding Rosberg in preceding laps.

Lap 56 - And now it's six seconds. It's like watching a stock market crash.

Lap 56 - Make that seven seconds.

Lap 55 - Ricciardo has the gap down to eight seconds now.

Lap 55 - Verstappen easily outfoxes Fernando Alonso for sixth place through turn 7. Alonso hunts around for a way to fight back, but there's nothing on offer.

Lap 54 - Ricciardo has reduced Rosberg's lead to 12s.

Lap 52 - Latest standings: 1. Ros (Lap 51), 2. Ric (+15.451), 3. Ham (+22.795), 4. Rai (+24.786), 5. Vet (+39.271), 6. Alo (+71.017), 7. Ves (+73.349), 8. Per (+84.513), 9. Kvy (+85.245), 10. Mag (+87.192), 11. Gut (+106.558), 12. Mas (+107.358), 13. Nas (+1 lap), 14. Sai (+1 lap), 15. Pal (+1 lap), 16. Weh (+1 lap), 17. Eri (+1 lap), 18. Oco (+2 laps). Retirements: Button, Bottas, Hulkenberg, Grosjean.

Lap 51 - Hamilton has no chance of staying with Ricciardo, and is at risk of being within DRS range of Raikkonen.

Lap 50 - "At the current pace, you'll catch him with four laps to go," Ricciardo is told. "You are significantly quicker than the two cars behind you too."

Lap 50 - Ricciardo takes three seconds out of Rosberg in a single lap. Rosberg has no choice but to tough it out but there's 11 laps to go and the gap is just 20s...

Lap 49 - Big three-way battle between Kvyat, Verstappen and Perez which includes some tyre-banging. Kvyat loses two positions and drops to ninth in a matter of seconds.

Lap 49 - Mercedes opt to keep Rosberg out. The gap they had to bring him in has closed rapidly - Ricciardo is just 25s behind.

Lap 48 - Ricciardo comes back out on supersofts but he's only 2.5s ahead of Hamilton. Rosberg is told to push now - it sounds like he's being ordered to throw in everything including the kitchen sink to keep the lead.

Lap 48 - That pit stop puts Hamilton half a second off Rosberg and Ricciardo. Now Ricciardo responds and pits.

Lap 47 - The undercut has worked for Hamilton and he's ahead as Raikkonen comes back out.

Lap 46 - So we are boxing?" asks Raikkonen. "I'll let you know," is the unnerving reply from Ferrari. They do finally call him in, and it's a set of used ultras for the Finn.

Lap 46 - Fastest lap from Vettel clocks in at 1:47.706s. Hamilton pits for a last set of supersofts, Raikkonen's going to mirror that strategy.

Lap 45 - Another retirement: Jenson Button parks in the McLaren garage. He was already a lap off the lead. At the same time, Verstappen makes his final stop of the day for fresh ultras.

Lap 44 - Massa also makes his last stop and a switch to ultrasofts, He drops from 10th to 12th in the process, just ahead of Gutierrez.

Lap 43 - Vettel pits and changes to ultrasofts. He emerges ahead of Alonso in sixth place. Verstappen ahead of them will have to make another stop before the end.

Lap 42 - Plan B seems to suit Hamilton, who sets a few fastest lap time. In fact, 1:49.263s is the fastest-ever race lap at Singapore. The top four are certainly closing up.

Lap 41 - Williams F1 tweets: "The team called @ValtteriBottas in to retire after seeing mechanical issues in the data."

Lap 41 - Latest standings with 21 laps remaining: 1. Ros (Lap 40), 2. Ric (+4.146), 3. Rai (+10.131), 4. Ham (+14.331), 5. Vet (+29.790), 6. Ves (+47.615), 7. Alo (+57.696), 8. Per (+59.435), 9. Mas (+60.926), 10. Kvy (+64.386), 11. Mag (+79.461), 12. Sai (+82.840), 13. Gut (+91.192), 14. Nas (+97.829), 15. But (+109.813), 16. Pal (+1 laps), 17. Weh (+1 laps), 18. Eri (+1 laps), 19. Oco (+2 laps)

Lap 40 - Mercedes tell Hamilton, "We're going to switch to plan B, we need to pull Raikkonen in" so maybe there's hope for Hamilton yet - or perhaps the team are just trying to keep his spirits up.

Lap 38 - Verstappen is now busy trying to find his way past Magnussen, which is for sixth place after Kvyat pits. Verstappen pulls it off with an assertive move on the Renault through turn 1.

Lap 37 - Looks like Bottas is retiring. He's being pushed into the Williams garage.

Lap 36 - The man behind Hamilton is now Vettel who makes short work of the Russian. Vettel's flying - he could well catch up to Hamilton in the remaining laps of the race. A great job by Vettel, who started from the very back of the grid.

Lap 36 - Hamilton is almost 19s off the leader now, and about six seconds behind Raikkonen. The good news is that he has almost ten seconds on the man behind, who is currently Kvyat.

Lap 35 - Hamilton makes his stop now and comes back out in a distant fourth. Hopes of a podium position are fading fast for the Briton. The top four are all on the soft compound and shouldn't have to stop again before the end.

Lap 34 - Problems with Valtteri Bottas' seat belts means an excessively long stop for the Williams.

Lap 34 - That leaves Hamilton leading the race but with another pit stop to make. Rosberg is back out in front of Ricciardo.

Lap 34 - Rosberg pits - and so does Raikkonen immediately after that overtake on Hamilton.

Lap 33 - Raikkonen gets up on the back of Hamilton and makes his move at turn 10. Hamilton locks up trying to defend, and the Ferrari gets past with a little touch of wheels.

Lap 33 - Ricciardo had been using ultrasofts to close the gap on Rosberg, but now pits for the softs which he hopes will get him to the finish.

Lap 31 - Force India had been thinking of stretching Perez' current stint on softs all the way to the finish, but that's not going to work: "I don't think I'll get these tyres to the end man, no way," Perez reports. He's told to turn up the speed and go for it instead.

Lap 31 - Latest standings: 1. Ros (Lap 31), 2. Ric (+4.715), 3. Ham (+12.949), 4. Rai (+14.047), 5. Alo (+47.481), 6. Kvy (+51.207), 7. Mag (+57.975), 8. Vet (+60.209), 9. Gut (+73.373), 10. Ves (+73.790), 11. Per (+74.247), 12. Nas (+79.947), 13. Mas (+80.516), 14. Pal (+95.205), 15. Sai (+98.903), 16. Weh (+104.584), 17. Eri (+108.773), 18. Bot (+1 lap), 19. But (+1 lap), 20. Oco (+1 lap). Retired - Hulkenberg, Grosjean.

Lap 30 - We're halfway through the race and Rosberg has stabilised the gap to Ricciardo to 4.6s.

Lap 30 - Hamilton is told that Rosberg is also suffering brake issues. Ferrari pick up on that and tell Raikkonen about Hamilton's issues, and tell the Finn to keep pushing.

Lap 29 - Sainz and Massa have also made new stops. That helps Verstappen move up to 11th with a pass on Nasr.

Lap 28 - Verstappen never did find a way past Kvyat, and ended up dropping back from the Toro Rosso after his tyres degraded. he's in for a new set of supersofts and is back out in 13th.

Lap 28 - Practically a three-wide battle between Vettel, Sainz and Gutierrez over multiple corners. Vettel comes out on top and takes tenth place, Sainz (on very worn tyres) is 11th ahead of the Haas.

Lap 27 - Raikkonen is now within DRS range of Hamilton.

Lap 27 - Perez responds to the threat from vettel and pits for fresh softs next time around, but Vettel has the edge and gains the position on the undercut.

Lap 26 - Vettel stops and exchanges softs for supersofts. He'd made his way all the way up to sixth from the back of the grid and rejoins in 13th just ahead of Nasr.

Lap 25 - Hamilkton still pelading for a plan to help him. The rate Ricciardo is gaining on Rosberg suggests that Mercedes might really be struggling here.

Lap 24 - Latest standings, and Ricciardo has closed the gap to Rosberg by half a second a lap: 1. Ros (Lap 23), 2. Ric (+4.415), 3. Ham (+11.519), 4. Rai (+13.320), 5. Per (+36.190), 6. Vet (+37.948), 7. Alo (+40.181), 8. Kvy (+41.795), 9. Ves (+42.820), 10. Mas (+44.297), 11. Mag (+47.913), 12. Sai (+55.385), 13. Gut (+58.205), 14. Nas (+64.945), 15. Eri (+69.669), 16. Pal (+71.044), 17. Bot (+73.762), 18. But (+76.150), 19. Weh (+84.524), 20. Oco (+1 lap)

Lap 23 - Spoke too soon - brief double waved yellows to allow a quick clean-up. Quick enough that it won't affect the race standings.

Lap 23 - One of those 'monkey seat' winglets from under the rear wing appears to have dropped off Massa's Williams and is on the racing line at turn 22, although hopefully it's not going to trigger yellows or safety cars.

Lap 22 - Raikkonen has been putting in fastest laps since his pit stop and is closing on Hamilton who is still having to worry about brake temperatures.

Lap 22 - There's no sign of explicit team orders between Red Bull and Toro Rosso. To be honest, it's unlikely that Kvyat would obey them anyway in the circumstances.

Lap 21 - This battle between Kvyat and Verstappen is affecting both cars' pace allowing Felipe Massa to close up on them. Kvyat is reminded that his battle is really with Alonso, who is currently pulling away ahead of them in seventh.

Lap 20 - And another huge move by Verstappen to try and get past the Toro Rosso at turn 7, only to end up thwarted once again. Some thrilling driving from both young men.

Lap 19 - Gutierrez makes his first stop of the day from fifth place and stays on ultrasofts, as the battle between Verstappen and Kvyat continues to rage. It's a matter of personal pride to Kvyat not to allow his rival past.

Lap 19 - Big battle between Verstappen and Kvyat over eighth place - Kvyat just about holds Verstappen off and it's all very close to the wall.

Lap 19 - Current order: 1. Ros (Lap 18), 2. Ric (+6.348), 3. Ham (+10.121), 4. Rai (+16.047), 5. Gut (+21.680), 6. Per (+22.550), 7. Vet (+23.630), 8. Alo (+29.378), 9. Kvy (+30.502), 10. Ves (+30.725), 11. Mas (+35.194), 12. Weh (+39.081), 13. Mag (+42.861), 14. Sai (+44.318), 15. Eri (+50.174), 16. Oco (+51.379), 17. Nas (+53.915), 18. Pal (+56.590), 19. Bot (+64.871), 20. But (+66.456)

Lap 18 - Raikkonen makes his own stop and changes to supersofts. He comes back out in fourth behind Hamilton.

Lap 17 - A slow stop for Rosberg with problems at the right front; he moves onto the softs and gets back out. His lap was comfortably large enough to soak up the delay and he's back out in second behind Raikkonen who is yet to stop.

Lap 16 - Hamilton unhappy he was called in at the same time as Ricciardo. "Come on guys, I needed a strategy that could get me past!" he moans.

Lap 16 - Ricciardo comes back out in fourth place on supersofts, Hamilton is in fifth on softs.

Lap 16 - Ricciardo and Hamilton both pit.

Lap 15 - Rosberg's lead is now 7.6s. Alonso pits from fifth and switches to supersofts; he comes back out in 13th behind Wehrlein.

Lap 14 - Verstappen makes quick work of Ocon at turn 7 for 14th, as you'd expect. Hamilton meanwhile pleads with the Mercedes pit wall to be kept up to date on what's going on in the race; "Can you keep me up to date please," he asks. "I have no clue what's going on."

Lap 14 - Verstappen pits. He hasn't been happy with his pace on that first set of supersoft tyres. He comes out just behind Ocon.

Lap 13 - Perez is up to 11th and Vettel is now 13th having started from the back of the grid. Bottas and Button are 16th and 17th after their enforced early stops and Sianz is now running in 18th.

Lap 13 - Rosberg's lead is now six seconds, then it's three seconds between Ricciardo and Hamilton and the same margin back to Raikkonen. Alonso is 22s behind Rosberg and somewhat holding up a train of cars.

Lap 12 - Ocon handed a five second time penalty for overtaking behind the safety car. He'll serve it when he makes his first pit stop. Currently, Jolyon Palmer is in for his first tyre change.

Lap 10 - Hamilton also told he "needs to get on top of those front brakes." Further back, Marcus Ericsson makes his first stop and switches to supersofts.

Lap 9 - The latest running order: 1. Ros (Lap 8), 2. Ric (+3.839), 3. Ham (+6.166), 4. Rai (+8.129), 5. Alo (+16.453), 6. Kvy (+17.469), 7. Ves (+18.142), 8. Mas (+20.032), 9. Mag (+23.369), 10. Gut (+24.697), 11. Per (+25.502), 12. Nas (+27.462), 13. Vet (+28.114), 14. Weh (+33.626), 15. Oco (+37.519), 16. Bot (+38.185), 17. Pal (+39.065), 18. But (+39.897), 19. Sai (+44.070), 20. Eri (+50.326)

Lap 9 - "This is serious Nico, we do need that braking management," Mercedes warns the race leader.

Lap 8 - Stewards are investigating Ocon for overtaking behind the safety car. Investigations into the starting grid accident and the unsafe release between Bottas and Vettel are dismissed with no further action required.

Lap 8 - Sainz finally makes his stop. The team left him out as long as possible so that they could also carry out his first tyre change at the same time as attending to the damage.

Lap 6 - Race control show Sainz a black-and-orange flag to get him to come into pit lane to have some of that hanging bodywork taken care of. Vettel makes up another position with a pass on Wehrlein.

Lap 5 - Rosberg's lead over Ricciardo is already over two seconds. Hamilton is a further two seconds back and having to work to stay ahead of Raikkonen. Vettel is already up to 16th with a pass on Ocon.

Lap 4 - There's some clear damage to the side of Sainz' car from the impact with Hulkenberg on the starting grid.

Lap 4 - Currently it's Rosberg from Ricciardo, Hamilton, Raikkonen, Alonso, Kvyat, Sainz, Verstappen, Massa and Magnussen.

Lap 3 - Extraordinary - a marshall is still on the side of the track collecting debris running for safety as the cars come around and down the straight. That's a little too close for comfort.

Lap 3 - A quick clean-up, and we're back to racing.

Lap 2 - The field is sent through the pit lane to avoid Hulkenberg's accident, leading to a very close near-miss between the pitting Bottas exiting his pit stall, and last-man-on-track Vettel.

Lap 1 - Looks like Valtteri Bottas has picked up a puncture from debris from that accident, and Jenson Button has also picked up damage and needs a front wing change.

Lap 1 - Sainz was having to move around a slow-starting Verstappen on the grid, and moved right into the path of Hulkenberg who was getting a flier down the middle. That spun the Force India into a nasty hit with the pit wall.

Lap 1 - Great start from Rosberg, and Ricciardo holds off a strong challenge from Hamilton, but further back Nico Hulkenberg is tipped into a spin into the pit wall by one of the Toro Rossos. Safety car deployed.

Lap 1 - We're underway!

20:03 - The cars are heading back to the grid, and we're about to get the race underway ...

20:02 - A bad weekend just reached a miserable end for Grosjean - his Haas isn't fixed in time and he won't be starting the race from the pit lane after all.

20:01 - A reminder that Red Bull are on supersort tyres for the first stint while the rest of the top ten will all be on ultrasofts. We're not sure quite what difference this will make in terms of initial ace and race strategy, so watch and see.

20:00 - The cars head off for their formation lap.

19:59 - It'll be interesting to see what state the track is in today. There was a huge downpour in the earlier hours of the morning so some of the rubber that's been laid down over the last couple of days could have been washed away, making it something of a voyage into the unknown for all the drivers in the first few laps.

19:57 - We've had the drivers parade and the national anthems, and now the drivers are in the cars. It's Nico Rosberg's 200th start today and he'll want to mark it in style; it's also Toro Rosso's 200th Grand Prix entry this weekend and they would love a top six finish here after a disappointing run in recent races.

19:56 - Another driver out of place on the grid is Force India's Sergio Perez who has been handed a culmulative eight place grid drop for ignoring yellow flags and overtaking under yellow at the end of Q2. That puts the Mexican driver down to 17th place for the start today.

19:55 - Romain Grosjean has also had a new gearbox fitted and was due to start from 20th place, but more brake-by-wire problems mean he'll actually start from pit lane instead. he's already admitted that he has no confidence in the Haas this weekend.

19:53 - Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen starts from fifth place today but his team mate - and last year's race winner - Sebastian Vettel is out of sight at the very back of the grid after problems in qualifying and penalties for engine and gearbox changes overnight.

19:51 - Hamilton also needs to be careful not be caught out in a pincer movement by the two Red Bulls, between Ricciardo ahead and Max Verstappen alongside him on the second row.

19:49 - Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo pipped Rosberg's team mate Lewis Hamilton to second place in qualifying yesterday. Hamilton will be desperate to get around the Aussie when the lights go out, but his recent poor showings at the start of races will be weighing heavily on his mind. He's already said that poor starts could prove to be the decisive factor in this year's world championship.

19:47 - Nico Rosberg is on pole position after a brilliant showing in qualifying. It seems that Mercedes are well and truly over whatever was ailing them last year where they were distinctly off-colour at this event.

19:45 - Hello and welcome to Singapore. It's race day and we're just 15 minutes away from the start of the 15th Grand Prix of the season.