LIVE: 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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19:06 - We will be back on our live text for the start of pre-season testing in February at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Thank you and speak soon!

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Race Day - Abu Dhabi, UAE

19:05 - Make sure to stay tuned on as we bring you all the reactions and latest developments from Abu Dhabi. We'll be with you all winter as well.

19:03 - That's it folks! The curtain falls down on another season of grand prix racing. Thanks for joining us all along on our live page, it's been a pleasure bringing you these updates and we are already looking forward to doing the same next year, with exciting new regulations coming to play.

19:02 - Rosberg congratulating Hamilton for being a tough competitor.

19:01 - "You can't win them all", Hamilton adds.

19:00 - Rosberg fighting back the tears, as he thanks his wife and family. "These last few laps were not enjoyable at all".

18:59 - Hamilton congratulating Rosberg in the podium interviews before the two shake hands.

18:58 - So ends a long and hard season of racing, 21 grands prix, drama and excitement galore.

18:57 - The podium is filled with three world champions now! Eight titles across Rosberg (one), Hamilton (three), and Vettel (four).

18:56 - Toto Wolff not looking overly happy on the pit wall. There's bound to have some intense debrief' later on, after Hamilton openly holds his team-mate and ignored instructions from the team.

18:55 - The British and German national anthems ring out to celebrate Hamilton and Mercedes' win. That's the 10th victory of the season for the Briton, one more than new world champion Rosberg.

18:54 - REPORT: Hamilton wins, as Rosberg takes title in Abu Dhabi

18:53 - Quite a frosty atmosphere between Hamilton and Rosberg, no surprise there.

18:52 - For his 250th and final race, Felipe Massa finishes ninth and in the points, while Fernando Alonso battles to 10th place for McLaren-Honda.

18:50 - A quick run down the podium positions: Red Bull's Max Verstappen is fourth, ahead of team-mate Daniel Ricciardo. Kimi Raikkonen comes home sixth for Ferrari. Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez cement Force India's fourth place in the Constructors' championship with seventh and eighth respectively.

18:50 - Rosberg takes Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone off the ground in the pre-podium room.

18:47 - Rosberg receiving congratulations from all drivers in parc fermé. He is third German racer to become world champion after Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel.

18:46 - "We did it! We diiiid it!" shouts Rosberg

18:45 - Wow! What a thrilling conclusion to a season-long battle.

18:44 - "Nico, you are world champion", crackles Rosberg's radio. He becomes the 33rd world champion in the sport's history.

Lap 55 - Sebastian Vettel comes home in third to claim a podium for Ferrari.

Lap 55 - Lewis Hamiltons wins the 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, but Nico Rosberg is the 2016 Formula One world champion.

Lap 55 - Rosberg defends from Vettel and seems to have the title in his hands.

Lap 55 - Hamilton continues to hold his team-mate up.

Lap 55 - Hamilton still leading Rosberg, Vettel, and Verstappen.

Lap 55 - And we are in the final lap of the race!

Lap 54 - 'I'm not losing a world championship, so we might lose this race', Hamilton says over the Mercedes team radio

Lap 54 - Two laps remaining and there is tension wherever one looks. 2.5s covering the top four.

Lap 53 - Vettel is so close to his compatriot Rosberg.

Lap 53 - Remember, Rosberg can afford to finish third even if Hamilton wins.

Lap 53 - Three laps remaining. So much tension in the Abu Dhabi night. Hamilton definitely backing up his team-mate Rosberg.

Lap 52 - Vettel is right on Rosberg's tail!

Lap 52 - Hamilton still not keen to follow team orders.

Lap 52 - Replay shows Manor team-mates Ocon and Wehrlein banging wheels.

Lap 51 - Great move from Vettel. Hamilton is given an instruction by Paddy Lowe himself!

Lap 51 - The Ferrari is too far behind but he has another chance and he gets in front of Verstappen!

Lap 51 - Vettel ready to have another go at Verstappen down the back straight.

Lap 51 - This is turning into a nail-biting showdown, with five laps left.

Lap 50 - Vettel very close to Verstappen but the Dutchman manages to fend off the charging Ferrari.

Lap 50 - Six laps remaining and it's still wide open in the title fight.

Lap 49 - And they are all together on the main straight. Vettel having a look on the inside of Verstappen.

Lap 49 - Verstappen has been told to stay close to Rosberg ahead of him. Same message for Ricciardo on Vettel.

Lap 48 - Fourth-placed Vettel is now less than five second away from Hamilton.

Lap 48 - Rosberg logically complaining about Hamilton's very slow pace.

Lap 47 - Hamilton not sounding keen to obey Mercedes' orders.

Lap 47 - "Ok Lewis, that's an instruction, we need you to pick up the pace, this is for the win".

Lap 47 - Vettel is now up to fourth and 6.6s off race leader Hamilton.

Lap 46 - Vettel goes on the outside of the Australian and makes a move stick and they nearly touch!

Lap 46 - Vettel now within DRS range of Ricciardo.

Lap 46 - Hamilton looking in his mirrors to see where help might come from to boost his championship hopes.

Lap 45 - This is getting quite thrilling indeed, as Palmer gets a five-second penalty for causing a collision. No surprise there.

Lap 45 - 10 laps to go before the end of the 2016 season and Vettel in fifth is less than eight seconds behind race leader Hamilton.

Lap 44 - Yellow flags are waved in the first sector for Sainz' car, as Hamilton is given the hurry-up given Vettel's pace.

Lap 44 - Vettel has set a new fastest lap on his set of supersofts, while Sainz says he needs to retire his Toro Rosso.

Lap 43 - Palmer under investigation for causing the collision, while Sainz is limping around the track. "Gearbox is not working", reports the Spaniard.

Lap 43 - Replay shows Palmer punting Sainz off track. Meanwhile at the front, Mercedes needs to up the pace as Vettel is lapping 1.5s faster than Hamilton and Rosberg at the moment!

Lap 42 - And there's been contact between Sainz and Palmer! And the Renault driver comes back to the pits.

Lap 42 - Verstappen has managed to clear the two backmarkers, but Ricciardo has not yet!

Lap 42 - Nice move from Sainz on Palmer, as both need to get out of the way for the charging Red Bulls.

Lap 41 - Team-mate Raikkonen lets the German through. Vettel up to P5.

Lap 40 - Vettel is flying on his set of fresh supersofts. He is 12s off the Red Bulls.

Lap 40 - Race leader Hamilton is catching up a gaggle backmarkers. Mercedes protégé Wehrlein moves out of the way for Hamilton and Rosberg.

Lap 39 - So we have Hamilton leading from Rosberg, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Vettel, Hulkenberg, and Perez. Which is the order in the Constructors' championship.

Lap 39 - Ricciardo, currently running in fourth, has been closing in on Red Bull team-mate Verstappen.

Lap 38 - The German feeds back in sixth position behind his team-mate Raikkonen.

Lap 38 - Vettel finally pits and it's new supersoft tyres on.

Lap 37 - Vettel seems poised to stop once again, but which compound will he pick? The ultrasoft would be a stretch.

Lap 36 - The Ferrari driver is on 27-lap old soft tyres.

Lap 36 - 'Ok, these tyres are really starting to go now', reports Vettel, unsurprisingly.

Lap 35 - Hamilton asking the position he's in, as Perez lines up Alonso and makes a DRS-aided move on the Spaniard.

Lap 35 - Replay shows Hulkenberg overtaking Alonso for seventh place. The McLaren-Honda star is now under pressure from Perez.

Lap 34 - The Red Bulls of Verstappen and Ricciardo are in the background of the Hamilton/Rosberg battle. Surely the Briton would be keen to see them close the gap and overtake his rival.

Lap 33 - Vettel is only 6s up the road on the two Mercedes.

Lap 33 - Hamilton has been told the hurry up in order to cover Vettel, who could go until the end though his tyres will be pretty worn out by then.

Lap 32 - Is the Briton following Horner's advise and trying to hold Rosberg up?

Lap 31 - Only 1.2s between Hamilton and Rosberg

Lap 31 - Current top 10 is then: Vettel, Hamilton, Rosberg, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Alonso, Hulkenberg, Perez, and Massa.

Lap 30 - Vettel now leads the race but the German needs to stop again.

Lap 30 - Rosberg feeds back ahead of Verstappen and Ricciardo. Hamilton leads his team-mate.

Lap 30 - Beautiful stop for Rosberg. Softs for the championship leader.

Lap 30 - And in comes Rosberg.

Lap 29 - Rosberg is 25.2s ahead of fourth-placed Verstappen. Can he feed back ahead of the Dutchman?

Lap 29 - Quick service for the Briton, who is already back on his way. Rosberg will box at the end of this lap.

Lap 29 - Race leader Hamilton pits

Lap 28 - Perez pits, which clears the way for Raikkonen. Team-mate Vettel looks quite vulnerable after not pitting.

Lap 27 - Ricciardo overtakes Perez but the Mexican is coming back on the following straight. The Red Bull manages to stay ahead. Raikkonen is right behind the battling duo.

Lap 27 - Hulkenberg stops and clears the way ahead of Verstappen.

Lap 27 - New fastest lap for Rosberg, as replay shows Grosjean banging wheels with Carlos Sainz.

Lap 26 - And the undercut has worked for Red Bull! Ricciardo leads Raikkonen outside the pits, as Verstappen takes Perez for fifth place up the road!

Lap 26 - Raikkonen pits one lap after Ricciardo. Where will the Finn feed back. He is on the soft tyre compound.

Lap 25 - Verstappen is closing in on sixth-placed Perez.

Lap 25 - Ricciardo feeds back behind his team-mate Verstappen in eighth place. How will Ferrari react to Red Bull's undercut.

Lap 25 - Ricciardo is coming in for a second stop. Softs for the Australian.

Lap 24 - Elsewhere, Bottas' retirement secures Force India fourth place in the Constructors' championship.

Lap 24 - Hamilton leads Rosberg by 4.3s; the German just set a new fastest lap.

Lap 23 - There are 24s between second-placed Rosberg and Verstappen in P8.

Lap 23 - Rosberg sets a new fastest lap after being urged to pick up the pace, as Mercedes thinks Verstappen will go until the end of the race on his current set of softs.

Lap 22 - So Hamilton leads from Rosberg, Raikkonen, Ricciardo, and Vettel.

Lap 22 - And Verstappen comes into the pits to take soft tyres. Can the 19-year-old make a one-stop strategy?

Lap 21 - Verstappen is told to stay out. Raikkonen, Ricciardo, and Vettel are catching him.

Lap 21 - Brillant move from Rosberg, quite a heart-in-the-mouth moment!

Lap 20 - And they almost touched! They are side-by-side through the chicane and Rosberg makes a move stick. The championship leader is up to second place!

Lap 20 - And Rosberg comes from a long way back to dive on the inside of Verstappen!

Lap 20 - P3 Rosberg is told it's now 'critical' to clear second-placed Verstappen

Lap 19 - Ricciardo dives on the inside of the Finn and briefly overtakes him but the 2007 world champion nicks back the position. And the Red Bull is now under pressure from Vettel behind him.

Lap 19 - Ricciardo very close to Raikkonen!

Lap 18 - The current points leader is right on the Red Bull's tail

Lap 18 - Hamilton says his tyres have started to slide around. Team-mate Rosberg is still stuck behind Verstappen in third.

Lap 17 - Kvyat has found a bike and plans on riding back to the paddock, as Alonso moves past Grosjean for the final place in the points-paying positions.

Lap 17 - The double waved yellow flags are still there in sector 2. Of course, as I type this, they are gone.

Lap 17 - Replay shows Button's wishbone problem probably came after escalating the kerb a bit too high.

Lap 16 - Toro Rosso's difficult weekend continues as Daniil Kvyat's STR11 grinds to a halt on the side of the track. Yellow flags are waved in the second sector.

Lap 16 - Verstappen says he starts losing his rear tyres.

Lap 15 - As it stands, Rosberg is still champion, but if he slips back one spot, then it will be Hamilton's title.

Lap 15 - "Ok Max, this is all we need at the moment. Keep it clean", Red Bull tells Verstappen.

Lap 15 - Button now going round the McLaren-Honda garage to thank all the team members.

Lap 15 - Out in front, Hamilton continues to lead from Verstappen, Rosberg, Raikkonen, Ricciardo, and Vettel.

Lap 14 - Button clambers out of his McLaren-Honda MP4-31 and steps on the front end to wave at the crowd.

Lap 13 - Standing ovation for Button, who limps back home. Not the conclusion the 2009 world champion would have wanted.

Lap 13 - Heartbreak for the Briton on his final race! Button says he has a failure and heading for race retirement!

Lap 12 - Button is off track and through the grass!

Lap 12 - Rosberg is on fresher, albeit harder tyre, than Verstappen, who has yet to stop.

Lap 11 - Hamilton is ahead of the battling Verstappen and Rosberg. Will he try to back them up in a bid to unsettle his title rival?

Lap 11 - Rosberg is told he is doing the right thing in not taking too much risk with Verstappen.

Lap 10 - Thrilling action in the top five at the moment, as the sun continues to set

Lap 10 - Rosberg tries to overtake Verstappen but the Dutchman is holding his ground!

Lap 10 - Ricciardo feeds back right behind Raikkonen and is all over the Ferrari's tail. Rosberg is told to clear Verstappen as soon as possible!

Lap 10 - Mercedes played it safe in their pit stop releases. Ricciardo has just pitted.

Lap 10 - Verstappen, of course, is on the harder supersoft tyre so can stay out longer.

Lap 9 - Did Ferrari shadow Mercedes to hamper their pit stops? That would be cheeky but legal!

Lap 9 - Rosberg emerges right ahead of Raikkonen! That was a close one! Verstappen is ahead of both cars but the Red Bull ace has yet to stop of course.

Lap 9 - But again the Mercedes driver has to stop for Vettel to come past him!

Lap 9 - In comes Rosberg.

Lap 8 - And Rosberg is told to pit now as well. Can he leapfrog his title rival following his delayed stop?

Lap 8 - Hamilton ditches his set of ultrasofts and takes soft tyres. The Briton was briefly held up by Raikkonen coming down the pit lane.

Lap 8 - The race leader duly comes into the pits.

Lap 7 - Hamilton has been told to box!

Lap 7 - Bottas told by Williams to pit to investigate an issue. The Finn is wheeled back to his garage.

Lap 6 - Current top 10 reads as follows: Hamilton, Rosberg, Raikkonen, Ricciardo, Vettel, Hulkenberg, Perez, Alonso, Massa, and Verstappen, already up to P10!

Lap 6 - The Force Indias are not the only cars in the same team duking it out: so are the Williams of Bottas and Massa.

Lap 6 - Magnussen is told to retire the car following his first-lap contact. Disappointing final race at Renault for the Dane.

Lap 5 - Verstappen continues his recovery, as he overtakes the driver he replaced at Red Bull, Daniil Kvyat.

Lap 5 - Hamilton stretches his lead with a fastest lap - 1:46.292

Lap 4 - Replay shows that Verstappen spun at the first corner following slight contact with Hulkenberg.

Lap 4 - Hamilton still leads from Rosberg and Raikkonen. Ricciardo under pressure from former team-mate Vettel for fourth place. 3.4s cover the top five cars.

Lap 3 - Verstappen already recovering through the field. The Dutchman has picked up the two Haas of Gutierrez and Grosjean.

Lap 3 - Scruffy end of the lap by Hamilton, DRS has been enabled and Rosberg is less than one second behind him.

Lap 2 - Hamilton is pulling away and nearly out of the one-second DRS range. The system is not activated yet.

Lap 2 - Looks like Magnussen has had some contact. The Dane pits for a new nose. Verstappen has fallen all the way down to P18.

Lap 2 - 0.6s between Hamilton and Rosberg, as the Force Indias have been battling it out for sixth place!

Lap 1 - Hamilton, Rosberg, Raikkonen, Ricciardo, and Vettel the current top 5.

Lap 1 - Raikkonen has jumped Ricciardo and his supersoft tyre.

Lap 1 - Good start from Hamilton, who leads Rosberg into the first corner. Verstappen has spun!

Lap 1 - And away they go!

14:04 - The grid is shaping behind up the two Mercedes.

14:03 - The cars are round up the Yas Marina Circuit to take position on the grid. You know the drill then: five red lights and when they go out, we'll be racing.

14:01 - Remember we have two cars on the supersoft in the top 10: the Red Bulls of Ricciardo and Verstappen. How will this affect their launches? We'll soon find out.

14:00 - And off they go for the formation lap. The entire field gets away cleanly.

13:59 - But all eyes will be on the front row at the start: it's Hamilton on pole, with championship leader Rosberg right alongside him.

13:59 - This race is also the final one for Kevin Magnussen at Renault, Esteban Gutierrez at Haas, and Esteban Ocon at Manor

13:58 - Two minutes to go before the start of the formation lap.

13:57 - We have two DRS zones around the Yas Marina Circuit. These are located on the two back straights.

13:55 - Below are the tyre sets every driver has left for the race

©Pirelli Media
©Pirelli Media

13:54 - Sauber's Felipe Nasr is not in his car yet. The Brazilian's sponsor won't continue his support, which leaves Nasr without a deal for 2017 at the moment.

13:53 - The grid is slowly getting cleared, with drivers now strapped in their cars and ready to go. Quick weather update: it's a lovely 27˚C in the air, while the track surface reads 29˚C.

13:50 - NEWS: Mercedes will not interfere in Hamilton race tactics

13:44 - All the drivers have gathered at the front of the grid for the UAE national anthem.

14:43 - NEWS: I know how to handle rivals behind - Rosberg

13:40 - The tension is bubbling up nicely at Yas Marina Circuit, with only 20 minutes left before the race gets under way.

16:39 - That year, Rosberg grabbed pole position but a rocket of a start from Hamilton saw the Briton lead into the first corner and never look back.

16:38 - The second time naturally was in 2014, already between Hamilton and Rosberg, though the roles were reversed. The Briton had a 17-point lead over the German but the (infamous) double-points system could reshuffle the cards quite dramatically.

16:36 - It's not the first time a Formula One title has been decided in Abu Dhabi: it already happened in 2010, with Vettel taking the spoils while team-mate Mark Webber and Alonso tripped over each other.

16:35 - Red Bull is confident the different tyre strategy can give them an edge in the race but Ricciardo and Verstappen will have to hold their ground at the start to make it work.

16:33 - All the drivers beyond the top 10 can choose the compound they start the race on. As for those who made it to Q3, they line up with they rubber they used to set their fastest times in Q2. Interestingly, the Red Bulls decided to do so on the supersoft compound when all others advanced through to Q3 on the ultrasoft.

16:32 - A quick word on the tyres as these always play an important role in races. Pirelli has brought its softest range - softs (yellow), supersoft (red), and the new-for-2016 ultrasoft (purple).

16:30 - The pit lane is now open as the sun gently sets over Yas Marina Circuit. Massa emerges from the Williams garage and waves at his family before making his way to the grid.

16:27 - For his 305th start, Button lines up 12th, behind Williams' Valtteri Bottas. The Briton is sporting a special helmet design this weekend, with echoes to his 2009 title-winning colours and a touch of pink in tribute to his late father John.

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Practice Day - Abu Dhabi, UAE

16:25 - Massa won't be the only one bowing out of F1 tonight, after Jenson Button announced earlier this week that he expected the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to be his final race. The Briton remains under contract with McLaren-Honda until 2018, with a possibility of a return if Alonso decides to leave at the end of 2017 but the 2009 world champion has admitted he does not want to be racing in F1 beyond this weekend at the moment.

16:24 - Fernando Alonso once again worked wonders in his McLaren-Honda MP4-31 to qualify ninth, ahead of Williams' Felipe Massa. This will be an emotional weekend for the popular Brazilian (again), as Massa prepares to make his 250th and final appearance before retiring from the sport.

16:22 - Force India confirmed its strong 2016 form by locking out the fourth row of the grid, with Nico Hulkenberg - in his final race for the team before moving across to Renault - pipping team-mate Sergio Perez to seventh.

16:21 - Max Verstappen looked set to clinch third in qualifying but a couple of mistakes in Q3 left him sixth. We guess Rosberg is more pleased to have Ricciardo behind him rather than the feisty Dutchman, whose race craft has lit up the front of the field this year.

16:20 - Behind the two title contenders, Daniel Ricciardo lines up third for Red Bull, with Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen alongside the Australian. The Finn has outqualified his team-mate Sebastian Vettel 11-10 over the course of the season, with the four-time world champion fifth on today's grid.

16:19 - Hamilton has been very comfortable so far this weekend and claimed a dominant pole position on Saturday evening, edging Rosberg by three tenths. Both Mercedes are then set to launch the title decider from the front row.

16:17 - Let's dive right into it and look at all the title permutations between the two rivals: Who needs to do what to win the 2016 title

16:16 - Here we are then, the big championship showdown between Mercedes team-mates Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. The German leads by 12 points and only needs a podium finish to win his first world title. The longest season in Formula One history - 21 races - goes down to the wire under the setting sun of Abu Dhabi.

16:15 - Hello and welcome to F1i's live coverage of the 2016 season finale - the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - from Yas Marina Circuit.