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LIVE: Budapest F1 in-season test - Day 2

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Live commentary

18:03 Sebastien Vettel backed up Charles Leclerc’s best time yesterday to give Ferrari a sweep of the two day test. The stories today though were the debut of Lando Norris and the return of Robert Kubica. The British teenager in the McLaren-Honda came up 0.261s shy out-pacing the four-time world champion, while the Pole put in a massive 142 laps for Renault in his first drive in 2017 machinery, finishing the test on P4. And all that is left to say is thank you for joining F1i today. Be sure to keep up to speed on your favourite form of motor racing right here on F1i.

18:02 Results Day 2 “Buda Test”
1 Vettel Ferrari
2 Norris McLaren +0.261s
3 Räikkönen Ferrari +0.718s
4 Kubica Renault +1.448s
5 Sainz Toro Rosso +1.726s
6 Kvyat Toro Rosso +1.992s
7 Auer Force India +2.118s
8 Russell Mercedes +2.267s
9 Mazepin Force India +2.568
10 Gasly Red Bull +3.213s
11 Ghiotto Williams +3.290s
12 Ferrucci Haas +3.870s
13 Matsushita Sauber +4.874s

17:57 And with the stoppage, the chequered flag has been shown.

17:56 Another red flag, caused this time by George Russell in the Mercedes.

17:52 Räikkönen, ussell, Mazepin, Gasly and Ferrucci have also gone out for a final stint.

17:51 Kubica has done a double distance of Sunday's Hungarian GP at 140 laps.

17:50 Kubica and Norris are out for the final runs of the day

17:46 Green again for the final 15 minutes.

17:44 Red Flag for debris on circuit.

17:42 Räikkönen, Russell, Ghiotto and Matsushita are on track.

17:40 Back to green !

17:37 Daniil Kvyat is the culprit for the red flag.

17:34 Red flag

17:32 Kvyat goes a tick quicker at 1:19.116s.

Mr. Kubica, Mr. Kubica, we are over here...MR. Kubica

17:28 Norris and Kubica are back oout with just over a half-hour remaining.

17:27 Mazepin has the track to himself.

17:24 Kvyat is up to P6 with a lap of 1:19.166s, 3/10ths adrift of team mate Sainz's best this morning.

17:22 Norris' fast lap is quicker than Fernando Alonso's qualy lap last Saturday. Not shabby at all for a 17-year old !

17:21 Räikkönen improves to 1:17.842s, 0.718s behind his team mate.

17:20 Norris clocks a 1:17.385s, to cut the gap to Vettel to 0.261s.

17:18 Sorry guys we had a bit of an IT issue, but were back!

17:12 Gasly too has reached the 100 lap mark.

17:12 Kubica is back in the garage after going P4 with a lap of 1:18.572s.

17:10 Ghiotto hits the 150 lap mark.

17:03 Norris imporves to 1:17.682s and is now 0.558s off of Vettel's best time of the day.

17:02 Mazepin is up to P8 with a lap of 1:19.692s.

17:00 The final hour begins !

16:52 Mazepin goes 1:20.671s to move ahead of Ferrucci and into P11.

16:50 Slight improvement for Russell with a time of 1:19.391s.

16:50 Norris puts in a 1:17.9s on super softs.

16:48 Ferrucci is next to make it the 100 lap mark.

16:43 Kubica is back out on ultrasfots.

16:41 Matsushita in the Sauber has hit the 100 lap mark.

16:31 Kubica's last flyer was done on super-softs, the time is only 0.5s off of Palmer's qualifying time.

16:25 Kubica is now P5 with a lap of 1:18.952s.

16:23 Matsushita improves in the Sauber, but the Japanese driver is still over 5 seconds off the pace after completing 88 laps so far today.

16:21 Norris returns to the McLaren box.

16:20 Räikkönen joins Norris, Russell, Ghiotto, Ferrucci and Mazepin on track.

The 17-year old Norris has impressed for McLaren-Honda today.

16:13 Lando Norris is back out.

16:12 The Pole moves ahead of Geroge Russell for the 6th best time.

16:12 Kubica improves with a 1:19.467s lap on super softs.

16:10 Kubica goes back out to join Ghiotto in their race to see who puts in the most mileage today.

16:08 Kvyat makes a small improvement with a lap of 1:20.456s.

16:01 With 2 hours remaining it looks a if Sebastien Vetteland Ferrari will end the day on top. His closest rival is Lando Norris in the McLaren at 0.770s. In the race for most laps completed it is nip and tuck between Robert Kubica for Renault and Luca Ghiotto for Williams.

15:58 Räikkönen and Matsushita are currently the only two running.

15:57 Norris returns to his box after a short stint.

15:52 Joining Räikkönen are Russell, Gasly, Ferrucci and Mazepin.

15:50 Räikkönen is on track.

15:47 George Russell is back out in the W08.

15:46 Mazepin posts a 1:21.577s to slot in ahead of Matsushita.

15:44 Norris is on track.

15:42 Nikita Mazepin heads back out, the Russian in the Force India has yet to set a time this afternoon.

15:40 The Russian improves with a time of 1:20.803s to slot in P10.

15:39 Once again, Kvyat is the only car currently on track.

15:35 Temps at the Hungaroring are up to a toasty 38C°

15:31 And the Pole wastes no time in returning to the track.

15:30 Kubica returns to the garage after a 12-lap run on ultra softs with his best time at 1:21.386s and his slowest at 1:22.189s.

15:28 Santino Ferrucci in the Haas has broken the 1:21s barrier with his bes lap of the day in 1:20.994s.

15:20 Luca Ghiotto books his 100th lap of the day, the Williams tester is currently P9.

15:15 Kubica gets his century. Impressive showing from the veteran!

15:13 George Russell begins his afternoon work in the Mercedes.

Fans of Robert Kubica at the Hungaroring test Robert, Robert, Robert !!!

15:06 Kubica, Ghiotto, Ferrucci, Matsushita and Mazepin head back out.

15:04 No laps put in from Ferrari, McLaren or Mercedes in the first post-lunch hour of testing.

15:00 Slight improvement from Kvyat with a time of 1:21.471s.

14:58 Kvyat goes back out as the very quite first hour nears its end.

14:55 Kvyat comes in and the track goes quite.

14:52 Daniil Kvyat has the track to himself.

14:52 And after two laps the Russian returns to his box.

14:51 Mazepin heads out of the garage for his first action of the day.

14:49 Ferrucci on red tyres has improved to 1:21.032, but is still P10.

14:48 Force India's Nikita Mazepin has yet to book a lap in the first hour of the afternoon session.

14:41 Kubica returns to his box, Gasly is the only car on track at this time.

14:41 Kubica reaches the 90 lap mark.

14:37 Kubica is on a long stint, clocking laps in the 1:21s range.

14:32 Matsushita and Ferrucci are also on circuit.

14:30 Kubica and Ghiotto are on equal 84 laps, the next closest is Sainz with 68, but the Spaniard has completed his day's work.

14:26 Kvyat getting warmed up in the Toro Rosso with a time of 1:21.868s.

14:24 Pierre Gasly for Red Bull joins the action.

14:23 It is going to ge another hot afternoon at the Hungaroring. Current temperature is 34C°.

14:18 Kvyat gets his afternoon underway in the Toro Rosso.

14:17 Kubica leaves the garage to the delight of his throng of supporters.

14:16 Ghiotto completes his 73rd lap and has the track to himself for the time being.

14:07 Ghiotto in the Williams is first on track.

14:04 No cars on track for the moment, drivers still digesting lunch we suppose.

14:00 Were back to testing at the Hungaroring.

13:58 Nikita Mazepin replaces Lucas Auer at Force India and Daniil Kvyat takes over at Toro Rosso this afterrnoon.

13:55 Five minutes to go before testing resumes.

13:04 Buda Test Day 2 resumes at 14h00

13:03 Most laps- 74 Kubica Renault , fewest laps 20 Räikkönen Ferrari

13:02 Order at the lunch break :
1 Vettel Ferrari
2 Norris McLaren +0.770s
3 Räikkönen Ferrari +1.113s
4 Sainz Toro Rosso +1.726s
5 Auer Force India +2.118s
6 Russell Mercedes +2.375s
7 Kubica Renault +2.557s
8 Gasly Red Bull +3.213s
9 Ghiotto Williams +3.290s
10 Ferrucci Haas +4.111s
11 Matsushita Sauber +6.009s

13:00 The chequered flag is shown.

12:57 That lap for Norris sees him just 0.06s behind Vandoorne's best time yesterday on the same rubber.

12:56 Norris improves with a lap of 1:17.894s, 0.770s off of Vettel's morning best.

12:55 Kubica has put in the most laps so far and has already put in a full Hungarian GP race distance this morning. Not bad for a guy who has been away as long as he has!

12:50 Sainz moves up to P4 with a lap of 1:18.850s.

12:49 Kubica, Sainz and Gasly are the only ones on track with 10 minutes to go before the end of the session.

12:48 Norris is on ultra-softs for his last run before the break.

12:44 Räikkönen returns to the garage.

12:42 Norris is now just over a second off of Vettel's best time of the session.

12:41 Norris moves ahead of Räikkönen with a lap of 1:18.231s.

12:40 Norris and Kubica join them.

12:40 Räikkönen and Matsushita are the only two on track with 20 minutes to go before the lunch break.

12:33 Kimi improves with a lap clocked in 1:18.237s.

12:32 Räikkönen is on track.

12:29 Kubica returns to the box after 7 laps.

12:28 Auer moves up to P4 with a lap of 1:19.242s.

12:27 Norris trims his best lap to 1:18.539s.

12:25 Kubica puts in a 1:19.893s lap, 2/10ths of his best so far. Maybe he will lower his best time during this stint.

12:22 Kubica heads back out.

12:16 Kimi Raikkonen has taken over Sebastien Vettel at Ferrari and slotted in P2 behind his team mate with a lap of 1:18.462s.

Talk to Zak, there is room for you guys in the DTM !

12:09 Kubica is up to P4 with a time of 1:19.681s. He is put in 51 laps this morning.

12:04 Norris is closing in on Vandoorne's best time from yesterday. The F3 racer is within 0.7s of the full-time McLaren driver.

12:01 Norris lowers his best time to 1:18.564s.

12:00 Order after 3 hours :
1 Vettel Ferrari
2 Norris McLaren +1.790s
3 Russell Mercedes +2.375s
4 Kubica Renault +2.557s
5 Auer Force India +2.569
6 Sainz Toro Rosso +2.931s
7 Gasly Red Bull +3.213s
8 Ghiotto Williams +3.519s
9 Ferrucci Haas +4.111s
10 Matsushita Sauber +6.009s

11:54 Kubica heads back out, as does Auer, Gasly and Matsushita.

11:47 Norris returns to the gargae. No one is on circuit for the moment.

11:45 Norris goes a fraction quicker nexttime by with a 1:18.914s.

11:43 Norris sets a new personal best at 1:18.934s.

11:38 Norris, Russell and Ghiotto are the only drivers on-track for the moment.

11:37 Kubica returns to the box, having completed 41 laps. His best time, on the super softs, is 1.2s down from Joylon Palmer's Saturday qualifying lap, using the same rubber.

11:29 Russell improves with a lap of 1:19.499s.

11:27 Another 3/10ths to the good for Kubica with a lap of 1:19.681s.

11:24 Kubica improves with a 1:19.972s to slot in P5.

11:21 Kubica heads out again for his 4th stint of the morning.

11:20 Auer goes 1:19.693s to move up to P4 in the Force India.

11:19 Maybe we are comparing apples to comquats but Nicolas Latifi's best in the Renault yesterday was a 1:20.302, while Kubica has a best time of 1:20.255. Can't be sure about set-ups, fuel loads, or tyre choices.

11:11 Now it is Sainz and Ghiotto who have the Hungaroring to themselves.

11:10 Kubica completes an 11 lap stint.

11:09 Russell, Gasly and Ferrucci are the only drivers on track at the moment.

11:07 Vettel has reached the 40 lap mark, while Matsushita has only put in 12 so far.

11:05 Kubica improves to 1:20.255s.

11:01 Lucas Auer is up to 5th with a lp of 1:20.238s.

11:00 At the 2 Hour mark Vettel tops the time sheet, followed by Norris, Sainz, Russell, Auer, Kubica, Gasly, Ghiotto, Ferrucci and Matsushita.

10:57 Kubica's best so far is 1:20.327. To put add some perspective Hülkenberg set a time of 1:17.468 in qualifying and Palmer did a 1:18.415.

10:56 Norris sheds a little more time with a lap of 1:19.145s.

10:52 Auer finally puts in a time for Force India at 1:21.213, while Matsushita has clocked a 1:23.236 in the Sauber.

10:49 And the Frenchman returns to the box.

10:49 Gasly is back on circuit in the RB13.

10:47 Sainz is 3rd best with a time of 1:20.055s.

10:46 Norris improves to 1:19.157s.

10:43 With the exception of Norris everyone has returned to the garage.

10:41 Norris goes under 1:20 with a 1:19.897s lap to slot in to P2.

Kubica back where he belongs !

10:35 Russell up to 3rd with a 1:20.173s.

10:34 Vettel gos quicker with a 1:17.124s.

10:33 Still no lap times for Auer and Matsushita.

10:30 Norris is back in the garage, but did well in that stint with a best time of 1:20.279s to slot in 3rd behind Sainz and ahead of Russell.

10:28 P2 to P6 are separated by less than 0.3s

10:26 Kubica posts a 1:20.327s and is now P5 at 2.8s down from Vettel.

10:22 Lando keeps moving up the time sheet, he's now 3rd with a 1:20.279s.

10:21 Norris up to 5th with a 1:20.917s.

10:21 You'll need a keen eye, but notice the diffuser on the Ferrari? It has been given a few tweaks.

10:18 With his new fastest time, Vettel has surpassed the best from Leclerc on Day 1.

10:17 Russell up to P3 with a 1:20.325s.

10:15 Vettel lowers the benchmark time to 1:17.498s.

10:12 Ghiotto is P3 with a lap of 1:20.643s.

10:10 Lando Norris clocks a 1:21.661s in the McLaren-Honda.

10:09 Gasly moves up to P4 with a 1:21.153s.

10:06 Sainz trims another 0.2s with a lap of 1:20.055s.

10:02 Carlos Sainz improves to 1:20.773s, 2.4s adrift of Vettel.

10:00 After the first hour, Vettel is qucikest, followed by Ghiotto, Sainz, Ferrucci, Kubica and Gasly.

09:56 Ghiotto improves with a 1:20.773s in the FW40.

09:55 Matsushita, Auer, Russell and Norris have yet to clock a time.

09:53 Kubica returns to the garage. I'm sure emotions are high for the Pole.

09:52 Kubica moves ahead of Gasly on the time sheet with a 1:22.701s.

09:51 Vettel now leads the way with a 1:17.646s.

09:49 Kubica is picking up speed with a 1:23.383s lap.

09:48 Vettel puts in a 1:18.073s lap.

09:47 Kubica sets his first time at 1:24.299s on super-softs.

09:45 No George you are not in heaven that halo is real kit !

09:40 Ghiotto slots in behind Vettel with a 1:21.072s lap.

09:38 Gasly and Ferrucci have set their first times, but are off the pace.

09:28 Sainz puts in a time at 1:21.816s, as does Ghioto in the Williams at 1:24.578s.

09:25 Where is my car ?

09:24 As the timing sheet indicates, it is in fact Carlos Sainz doing the morning work today for Toro Rosso.

09:21 Honda backed Nobuharu Matsushita will drive for Sauber today after Swede Gustav Malja's day's work yesterday for the Swiss outfit.

09:20 Luca Ghiotto takes over at Williams today from Lance Stroll.

09:19 It is quite for the time being with everyone on site waiting for Kubica to get stuck in. Vettel has clocked a 1:19.328s lap.

09:15 Before the action gets underway in earnest, a quick tip of the hat to Valtteri Bottas who put in 115 laps yesterday, testing Pirelli's 2018 rubber. That's twice the number of laps as last Sunday's Hungarian GP !

09:14 Correction: not sure yet as to whether it will be Kvyat or Sainz this morning for TR.

09:13 Santino Ferrucci will be back in the Haas today as will Lucas Auer and Nikita Mazepin for Force India, with the Austrian DTM stalwart in the car this morning.

09:11 Kubica has completed his installation lap. How long will it take the Pole to be on pace?

09:10 After a strong showing in his first day in the W08, GP3 racer, George Russell is back for Mercedes.

09:08 Vettel is the first to set a time at 1:20.347s.

09:07 Red Bull reserve driver, Pierre Gasly takes over from Max Verstappen in the RB13.

09:05 F3 front-runner, Lando Norris replaces Stoffel Vandoorne at McLaren. The Belgian driver had best time all throughout Day 1, just until Charles Leclerc pipped him in the final minutes.

09:03 Daniil Kvyat takes over this morning from Sean Galeal. Carlos Sainz is scheduled to get in the car this afternoon.

Robert Kubica


09:02 They have come to see their hero !

09:00 We are green !

08:59 Following the impressive drive from Charles Leclerc yesterday, Ferrari ahnds over the driving dutes to regulars Sebastien Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen today.

08:57 Today all eyes will be focused on Robert Kubica as he returns to F1 action. The Pole drove Lotus E20 in June and today tests the French team’s R.S. 17 and one never knows what may result from the outing ?

08:55 Five minutes to go before the green light for Day 2 !

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